“They’re Not Allowing Me To Fly”



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  1. Johnny

    welcome Ireland and Irish people,oh right….
    Cmon he’s a well know activist/agitator this is not his first time at this rodeo,private airline right refuse whoever they like for whatever reason,stop trying make Ireland look bad,we good at doing that ourselves don’t need your help.

    Iyad el-Baghdadi, the founder and President of Kawaakibi Foundation, is an internationally recognized Arab Spring activist and an expert on the topic of Islam & liberty. He rose to prominence in the aftermath of the Arab revolutions of 2011 before being summarily arrested and forcibly exiled from his country in April 2014.

    Today he is recognized among the most influential and prominent Arab voices online. He writes regularly for both Norwegian and international media, and his Twitter account received 165 million views in 2016. Iyad is a fellow at Norwegian liberal think tank Civita and board member at Munathara, the Arab debate NGO. He lives in Oslo, Norway, where he has been granted political asylum.‘

    1. SOQ

      Private airline right to refuse whoever they like for whatever reason?

      I don’t think so somehow, a valid reason must be given.

      1. Johnny

        I think it’s cause he was headed Monaghan link up with the Lithuanian’s stay off my posts with your trashy junk gay porn YouTube links.

          1. Johnny

            That drunk manchild has hounded me forever,simple stay off my posts,he should not refer me in late nite,booze sodden posts/links to gay porn.

        1. realPolithicks

          Luckily you don’t get to decide who can comment on your posts, if you don’t like it..stop posting.

          1. SOQ

            I know people get what they think is online familiar but this really is a bit much.

            Johnny, despite your personas, I know you are in Ireland and I am quite happy to meet face to face. JR can pass along the contact details if you agree. I am all over the country with work so no location issues.

            We are both grown men so let’s have a chat? Over to you.

      2. Iwerzon

        “Private airline right to refuse whoever they like for whatever reason?”
        Ryanair are in receipt of huge Government subsidies not just from Irish taxpayers but throughout Europe without which the airline would not exist. So, semi-private might be more appropriate a description (or semi public?)

    2. George

      Why would the airline care if he is an activist? There is nothing in the quoted text of any relevance.

  2. eoin

    Sorry, you’ve lost me, what was the reason this person was denied boarding a Ryanair flight? What did the Ryanair boarding staff tell him? He says he’s spoken to a Ryanair supervisor, what did they say? Maybe he has good cause to be angry, it’s not clear to me, did he use that potty mouth on the Ryanair staff in person or did he restrict his vulgarity to Ryanair staff on Twitter?

      1. eoin

        I don’t know who’s funding him, but if he has anything bad to say about the UAE, then Qatar would probably love to fund him.

        1. johnny

          -last time detained in London,when i asked the brit why,he answered that ‘we’ have a habit blowing them up-as someone with a ‘record’ you get used BS at airports/ports of entry.
          -yeah hes just not that interesting,cant be bothered looking into it for The Journal, but midly curious who’s funding him.

      2. Nigel

        I mean it’s funny, on a basic level that the airline can do what it likes but the customer can’t complain or kick up a fuss?

      3. George

        One flight is “all this flying?”. Why would you question how a person pays for a flight. What relevance is it? I hope you have the same attitude if denied boarding to a flight. “Who cares, I’ll just pay hundreds of euros to stay in a hotel and fly tomorrow, ah well”.

        You really could try harder to understand other people’s experiences and perspectives.

      4. Papi

        He’s a ball of hate and pain, isn’t he? Poor chap. I’d say when he grows up there’ll be all sorts of problems.

        1. johnny

          -i want be just like you daddy when i grow up, just like you ,living the dream, surrounded by friends and family-oh hold on your alone again,making idiotic barely literate comments online to imaginary friends, where did it all go so wrong….

          1. Papi

            ” this rodeo,private airline right refuse whoever they like for whatever reason,stop trying make Ireland look bad,we good at doing that ourselves don’t need your help”

            Barely literate comments, eh? Remove the beam, johnny, you baby.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Ok we know the drill here. What is the refugee status of this person? What is the actual story from both the passenger, the airline and the host country?
    I just see the one-sided reports of an angry exchange and screenshots. This is pretty much how news is delivered these days.

  4. Bruce Wee

    Outrage: Check
    Photos & Screenshots: Check
    Tweets Explaining why individual is upset: Check
    Facts: Che….oh
    Counter argument: Ch…hmmm

    Its ain’t a story if we do the last two…Spaghetti Hoops nailed it with how News is now delivered these days.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      ryanair have been tagged in every tweet. he’s asked them in these tweets, why they won’t allow him fly. they haven’t replied.

        1. millie st murderlark

          He has spoken to staff too, and as per my link below, Ryanair have had apologise.

  5. Dan

    Nice ignorant tweet Iyad. Well done Ryanair fir refusing to let this ignorant rude man on your flight.
    Now Iyad, whats the real reason you were kicked off the flight?

  6. Junkface

    They need reasons to not let someone board a flight. Especially if they already have asylum in Norway. This is strange, we need more information.

  7. H

    Was I the only person who didn’t understand the second rant, is he saying that they haven’t put him on another flight yet or that he’s not happy with the other flight he’s been put on?

  8. Dub Spot

    The man can write and get things done. Fair dues. He can fairly stick it to the journal.ie comments bridage and their fellow travellers on BS too. Nice one.

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