Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Do you want to sleep on a washing machine in a shed in Richards Garden? It’s yours for €700pm. I cannot find evidence of planning, the kitchen doesn’t meet Min Standards regs.


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36 thoughts on “Clean Living

    1. Nullzero

      Ah Dicky, Dicky, Dicky. Some man for the easy money. The lucky so and so who end up living in that palatial property may well on a daily basis shout “spit on me Dicky” as they traverse the side entrance to go out to work of a morning, let’s face it Dicky’s already gearing up to take a dump on them.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Despite not having a clue what you’re saying I love this response for its references to either Dick Nixon or Dicky Rock. I hope it’s the former as I’m not going to Wikipedia the latter on my employer’s IP.

  1. eoin

    How much did the Fallon brothers get their grubby hands on for that listing – €175 (featured rental ad), €95 (premium, high priority) or €45 (standard rental listing)?


    “THE millionaire Fallon brothers have shared a further €8m dividend windfall with other shareholders from their online group of companies this year and last year… The revenues include the income generated by the daft.ie and the Done Deal websites. “

    Total tooty pants.

    1. Cian

      What is your problem with the Fallon brothers? daft.ie has transformed the rental market. I’m old enough to remember buying the evening papers looking for rental accommodation. daft allow me to find somewhere (free to the tenants), to see locations, to preview pictures, to keep tabs on the changes in price. Was the Evening Press culpable for the properties it advertised back in the day?

      Yes this particular property is a problem – but the problem is with the landlord. (and anybody looking to rent can see the photos and decide not to go there if they want a 4 hob cooker)

      1. Qwerty123

        Basically, Eoin is a shoot the messenger kind of guy/shill. I’ve read that copy and paste nonsense 4/5 times now.

      2. Yep

        I think they should be called on putting stuff up that clearly don’t meet the 2017 regs. Valuable service no doubt but they are normalizing what are clearly illegal properties.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Daft.ie don’t care. Once you hand over your money, they’ll advertise any old substandard slum.

  3. Andrew

    Dublin Rental Investigator really needs to be tagging more people/organisations when he/she tweets these.

  4. Junkface

    Maybe I will advertise that tattered old tent I have. Includes a plastic basin (kitchen & toilet) and a little gas canister (cooker). Close to all amenities (next to Tesco car park). Would suit a bachelor awaiting the Apocalypse.

  5. darren

    and yet someone will no doubt appreciate finding a roof for less than a grand.. in a decent locale with a well served bus corridor .. we should be mortified that this is the way we now distribute wealth and opportunity but an address provides so much more than a place to sleep and wash clothes and obviously the feeling of living in a certain neighbourhood is more significant than any sense of feeling like you are living in a garden shed. Could be nice in the Summer months if Richard is one of the good ones. Lets hope so!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Richard isn’t one of the good ones. He’s offering substandard accommodation in a refurbished shed. If it’s such an attractive prospect, would you live there yourself? It’s only 700 snots a month. Bargain, eh?

      1. darren

        …we should be mortified that this is the way we now distribute wealth and opportunity…
        the reality is demand is served by such poor standard that one mans garden shed in a certain type of area is considered a potentially viable solution for someones needs.
        I’m not even close to Richard’s bracket. Good or bad.

  6. darren

    i thought i was making a sensible comment about yet another indicator of the housing issue in Dublin, but seeing the matter not as concerning just homeless figures or even low income areas but practically everyone… even Richard with his shed out back of a nicely paved gairdin now that perhaps his kids have grown up or his friends have died or however it is the the other half happens to live and still have a shed to spare come end of each month … As it may become someones home for a time it is only fair to place some balance on what is a sad reality imo

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Yes. Renters should be lucky that they have access to substandard accommodation in a nice garden. It’s better than a shed in a not nice garden eh?

      1. darren

        Seriously Daisy I’m not trying to sell it. But looking at this example of home rental is not enough for me. I want to understand it. How does it come to exist? There is a lot of garden sheds which bring in nothing and homeowners who would like to bring in something extra. In this somewhere is the basis for a very sharp increase in garden shed living, so long as the plumbing is done to a standard that wont devalue the main property. A well turned out shed in a nice garden might be all that the younger generations have to dream of. eh?

        1. Starina

          “There is a lot of garden sheds which bring in nothing”

          it’s a shed for storing tools and motorbikes and the liquor that you don’t want your kids to find over Christmas, not a corporate asset.

          Are you playing devil’s advocate?

        2. Spaghetti Hoop

          Big difference between living in a little wooden house on half an acrea and living in someone’s shed in someone’s back garden – people you don’t know but wanted your money to line their pockets with some extra cash in return for the very basics of living standards. Where’s the dignity in that?

  7. SOQ

    How would one get into the bed?

    Never mind even having a friend over. Missionary position all the way whaa?

      1. SOQ

        I am a big lad Bertie, I need space- and so is himself, although that is a size challenge in a different way.

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