Hannah And Her Twisters


From top: Showers in Carlow; satellite image of Ireland; Met Eireann’s weather warnings

Carlow Weather tweetz:

Weather warnings issued now by Met Eireann for #StormHannah includes Status Orange – Wind warning for Clare, Cork, Kerry and Limerick and Yellow for many other areas.


Met Éireann

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13 thoughts on “Hannah And Her Twisters

      1. bisted

        …yeah…I take back all the names I called you for deleting my Dan Boyle comment earlier…

  1. eoin

    Met Eireann has really listened to the criticism from the retail trade in Dublin about weather warnings affecting business? Just kidding, I’m sure there are sound grounds for drawing a line around four Irish counties (in the Republic) which won’t be significantly affected by Hannah.

    1. Cian

      …or perhaps the storm is passing to the west of Ireland and the winds won’t reach as far as those 4 counties?

      Go to https://www.met.ie/, and click on Wind to see the forecast winds for the next few days.

      Nah. It’s all Big Business™. You’d better leave your tinfoil hat on – just in case….

          1. Mickey Twopints

            My geography may not be the best, but I’m an ace at colouring-in. The counties (in the republic) bordering those with a wind warning are only 4. Cavan and Monaghan do not border counties in yellow or orange. What do I win?

  2. Dhaughton99

    According to Met.ie, it was supposed to be sunny with some clouds today in Dublin so Met Eireann can blow me.

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