Liamknutj writes:

A candidate for the local elections has one set of posters in Phibsborough (Dublin 7) saying he will be “focused on Phibsborough”.

In other parts of the constituency, the message seems less… um… focused.

Cheeky or inspired?

Only YOU can decide.

31 thoughts on “Focus

  1. The Old Boy

    I see we’re off to a strong start with the new series of slots supporting independent candidates.

    1. Ron

      yes because the political tooty-pumpkins that have had a cartel on corruption in this country have been paraded around for far too long. run on over the the FF or FG web site and say hip hooray to their official election pictures online if your that bothered

      1. The Old Boy

        Yesterday evening, this site offered to publish brief manifestos for independent candidates to help compensate for the lack of support offered to those with party affiliation. This morning, they’ve published a post appearing to criticise the postering tactics of an independent candidate on fairly spurious grounds.

        I’m not sure what drew your angry outburst but I would suggest that it is misdirected.

        1. millie st murderlark

          Ron is the original little angry man, I suspect.

          He would shout at you in a Month Python fashion if you passed him in the street.

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Ron is just frustrated because he can’t get laid. Don’t be too hard on him, nature clearly hasn’t been kind.

          2. Ron

            @mickey: There it is. The most stupidest tootypants thing I will read all day.. seriously, are you 5 or just the spokesperson for the Irish Voter Club?

            And that’s my very last chance with the ‘thick Irish’ comments now. I’ve been warned twice already.

          3. martco

            he would

            just like Mrs Carberry outa Fr. Ted I’d wager

            (that’s a bit of a pub quiz one…racist episode, the swinging bags lady)

            another issue to solve here (apart from focused v focussed) is the fact that a lot of people were brought up to spell Phibsborough as “Phibsboro”…or is it just me?

          4. Mickey Twopints

            Ron, you sound like you’re in desperate need of a hug, never mind getting laid.

            It’s a beautiful day. Go outside and get yourself a little fresh air. Listen to the birds. Take a few deep breaths. Life is good. Your rage is hurting you, no-one else.

  2. martco

    maybe I’m being a smidge bbc english pedantic here but…
    is it not supposed to be 2x s’ in the word “focussed” ?

    (I’ll never understand how anyone allows a document to be printed en masse with spelling mistakes)

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Can be either. with 2 x ‘s’ is the traditional spelling, but 1 x ‘s’ is very common, most often used in the US and therefore affects many spellcheck apps.

      1. millie st murderlark

        As far as I was given to understand, ‘focussed’ is the US version of it while ‘focused’ is the UK version. The ss version is an abomination imo.

        1. Slightly Bemused

          After reading these comments I decided to check. Here is the Wiktionary link:

          According to this, ‘Focussed’ is the correct traditional spelling, but focused is now very common (including more so in UK now), and listed first. That may explain why spell checkers flag the double-s version.

          I know I was taught to use focussed as a child due to the grammatical rule (listed in the link notes) that a short vowel sound followed by a consonant would have a double. e.g. travel – travelled

      2. Brother Barnabas

        It’s an interesting one: spelling often follows how words are pronounced. when a verb has two syllables, it’s usual to double the consonant when the emphasis comes on the second syllable. we now pronounce ‘focused’ with the emphasis on the first syllable so, in that respect, it makes sense to drop the double ‘s’. assume at one time it was pronounced differently. It’s not really an American English/British English thing as such.

  3. Dhaughton99

    Yeah but will he be able to get the litter warden to check who dumped those bags in the lane way since the council can’t be bottomed?

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