Making Them Pay


Garda whistleblower, Former Sgt Maurice McCabe and wife Lorraine McCabe at Dublin Castle last summer during the Disclosures Tribunal.

This afternoon.

Whistleblower Maurice McCabe, who left An Garda Síochána last year, has reportedly agreed a settlement for an undisclosed sum in his legal action against the force and Tusla.

Michael Clifford, of the Irish Examiner, reports:

The settlement came after weeks of negotiations between the legal teams for Mr McCabe and the Sate agencies over the 11 separate actions brought by the former garda sergeant and his family.

The actions were based on how Mr McCabe was dealt with in the aftermath of making complaints of malpractice in the force in 2008.

Maurice McCabe settles legal action against Garda Commissioner and Tusla for undisclosed sum (

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34 thoughts on “Making Them Pay

  1. Andrew

    Making who pay though? Callinan, O’Suillivan and Fitzgerald and successive justice ministers and everyone else who was culpable won’t pay anything.
    Those in TUSLA who lost files or ‘misplaced’ them or wrongly inserted files, won’t pay. Journalists who aided and participated in this smear won’t pay.

    Maurice McCabe and his family deserve to be compensated, I just wish it hurt those who were responsible for the pain inflicted.

    1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      D’ya know
      I’d be confident in assuming Sgt McCabe (Retired) and Family would wish that would be the case too
      ..hurt those who were responsible for the pain inflicted.

      But we are where we are
      There was never any doubt this was going to be settled

      Between 10 and 15 bar
      Plus all his legal costs
      Is my punt at it
      And it should be charged against the AGS allocation from the Dept of Justice budget

      While we’re all here
      Lemme say this

      Shame on us all that Joanne Hayes’ is still outstanding
      Upwards of 20 mill is where that’s gonta land
      And not a cent begrudged

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    thoroughly hope he got a number of millions in that settlement. I’m surprised the dirty b******ds didn’t chase him through every court in the land with a bevvy of high paid solicitors. tainted force the cops are. tainted force. as for Tusla getting involved, incredulous, a child protection agency abbetting in framing an innocent man as a pedo. They should round up and arrest anyone who lied about him in the whole case from the start.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    May he be rich beyond his wildest dreams and may he and his wife live long and well on it.

  4. Andrew

    Making who pay though? Sate employees responsible for this won’t pay. No jobs will be lost, no pensions. No charges. Journalists who aided and participated in this smear won’t pay.
    I’m glad sergeant McCabe will be compensated as he deserves to be, but make no mistake nobody responsible for this will have to pay anything.

    1. Cian

      +1 million
      Great for Maurice McCabe & family.

      But if there was real justice there should be some penalty for the people that orchestrated this affair.

    2. Nigel

      Maybe sooner or later we’ll cop on that we always end up paying for these mistakes and injustices because we elected the people who were and are in charge.

    3. Ian-O

      Depressing, isn’t it?

      And people talk about respect and decency and honesty when the reality is that some of the biggest criminals in this country are employed by, aided and abetted by the state.

      I’m not a SF voter but I truly understand the fear they put into FF, FG and AGS – imagine an ‘outside’ party gaining power? What might they uncover, if they didn’t just subsume and take the ‘soup’, so to speak?

      Anyway, best of luck in your future endeavours Sgt. McCabe, you gave this person hope that this country isn’t entirely devoid of heroes.

      1. Bonkers

        If SF ever get power you’ll see large shredding vans outside some government departments before they assume it

        1. Cian

          What? why?
          How would SF in power make any difference to any particular civil servant?
          Do you think there is a big cupboard in each department with ‘sensitive’ documents in it – titled shred in case SF get into power?

          1. Ian-O

            Yeah Cian, because no bank criminal case files were ever shredded and no ex Garda Commissioner ever shredded anything, no banks ever shredded anything, is there even a shredder in the civil service?

            My bad, I take it all back, I imagined it all.

          2. Cian

            Neither bankers nor the guards are civil servants.

            These aren’t within government departments.

  5. Bebe

    I hope the McCabes can now enjoy some peace following a lengthy viscious campaign that was designed to break Maurice literally – for what – doing his job and exposing the rot. Had he not recorded the conversation pivotal to it there would never be truth and justice would be hanging in the balance.

    Regardless of what the settlement is – it will never be enough. I hope Maurice and wife Lorraine can now enjoy quality time with their loved ones secure in the knowledge that the have nothing to fear. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy life Maurice and Lorraine

  6. Termagant

    It’s not sufficient that McCabe be compensated, until Callinan is pinned to the wall along with the rest of them it’s not over

  7. Truth in the News

    What about the Lady that exposed the rotten rump and lost her job and now
    see what’s left of INM gobbed up by the Germans for song, all on the same

  8. Free to speak

    i think Maurice McCabe
    Should sit up until the next presidential election
    And then run for president
    He will get my vote
    It is the long game we should think of
    (Besides he deserves the big house with all them serving him)

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