They Are Among Us [Updated]


This afternoon.

Glencree and Powerscourt County Wicklow.

More as we get it.



Earlier: Meanwhile, In Powerscourt

17 thoughts on “They Are Among Us [Updated]

  1. dav

    any sign of the advance party of young fine gael members throwing blossoms on the ground in front of them?

      1. newsjustin

        It is BREXIT – trying to maintain ties…not least trade….in uncertain times.

    1. eoin

      The Royal Family is an extension of British commercial and diplomatic interests. I’d say Brexit has a lot to do with it. It’s a 2-way street of course, the Brits for all their faults are probably our main ally in Europe on most issues. No harm in building up a bit of goodwill.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Well, FG want us to join the Commonwealth.
      Apart from that, maybe Charles will be the new housing minister. He’s holding that shovel like a true posh boy.

  2. eoin

    Anyone know who the woman in the top pic, far left, brunette, sleeveless blue/teal dress, is?

  3. SOQ

    Charles urges continued close ties ‘whatever happens’.

    Making that statement in Cross or Derry would have been interesting.

  4. WOGAN

    And is that Simon taking the day off from the shambles of the health service?
    As brexit approaches they seriously need to work and not play stage struck fans of colonial pasts

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