Mick Wallace writes:

Whatever the Ireland South recount brings, I’m a bit shocked to have polled 80,000+ first preference votes without using a single plastic corriboard poster. Thank you to those who voted for me and gave me a preference. Who knows, maybe plastic-creating political parties will take note.

In fairness.

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19 thoughts on “Poster Boy

  1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    I usually hang my posters with tacks so I suppose this is tacks avoidance…..

    1. Dan

      Councillors elected include:
      1 who asked for bribes
      1 on an assault charge
      Sitting TDs include:
      1 who accepted bribes
      1 who lied in a Court affadavit

      Ex TDs, too many corrupt to mention

      1. Andrew

        More than one TD has lied in a court affidavit Dan. Senior member of the ‘opposition’ and former cabinet minister.

  2. eoin

    The autopsies of the 2019 MEP election campaign will be interesting. RTE’s election debates at 10.30pm on a Sunday. 10.35pm on a Monday and 9.35pm on a Tuesday are coming in for some criticism. Unsurprisingly, only the 9.35pm one (Midlands North West) got into the top 20 ratings for the week.Has RTE deserted news and current affairs in favour of light entertainment? Or perhaps RTE realised poor coverage would assist the status quo and RTE is desperate to get FG to approve changes (increases) to the licence fee.

    1. ReproBertie

      If you don’t vote you have no right to complain about the result.

      Rest assured that the people you completely and utterly disagree with vote and if you don’t vote they get to make the rules.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      True for ya Spag

      Hon’ Mick
      Hope the Nemo bhoys are playing nice

  3. baz

    Seeing that Mick is pontificating …
    what about the unpaid VAT Mick?
    What about the workers pension fund Mick?
    What about your bank debts Mick?

    still fooling Paddy is Mick.

    1. martco

      oh you seem to have a lot of focus on Wallace @Baz

      what about “exonerated” photoshop Frances?

      why not spread the vitriol a little bit, eh?

  4. Blonto

    It’ll be a shame to lose Mick and Clare Daly to europe.
    There’s not enough TD’s looking after national interests. And they were 2 of the best.

    1. Joe Small

      They both let it be known they were both tired of national politics and wanted to move on. You might think its a shame but they’re happy to leave Leinster House for Brussels and Strasbourg.
      I’ll be interested in seeing which EP political groups they join. Clare is or at least was a Marxist but we’ve no idea what the former property developer thinks he is.

      1. Blonto

        Anyone in government will be happy to see the back of them. That means they will be a big loss. Hopefully they can do as good a job in europe. I don’t care what group they align with. All I know is they were instrumental (along with a handful of other TD’s) in highlighting scandal after scandal.
        It’s a pity the rest of the TD’s don’t do the same. Then we would have a better country for everyone.

  5. Dhaughton99

    Around Inchicore, some IND beardy cheapo put A4 sized glossys up on the poles, joined together with staples, the day before voting. Most ended on the ground the day after. Hope he gets a nice fine but doubt it.

  6. Jeffrey

    Its as it should be as he is a well established “public” figure. Someone new has some work to do to be known wide and far but with social media and television, if you do good work its not a stretch. these days.

  7. gringo

    Well done Mick. Yourself and Clare will hopefully rattle a few cages in Brussels. That “decoration” on the butchers gable is ace.

  8. :-Joe

    G’wan the mighty Mick….

    I trust you’ll give it your best lash of truth to power with the plastic, venal political class in the EU who prioritise supporting private, anonymous, globalised, financial interests above, beyond and always before the interests of the citizens that they are supposed to represent.

    Hopefully someone or some people can take up the slack left in the dail by your and Clare Daly’s temporary departure.


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