Your Plaza Or Mine?


This morning.

Spotted in Lissycasey, County Clare.

Earlier: Shannon Watch

Top pic via Beto

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10 thoughts on “Your Plaza Or Mine?

  1. Smith

    All the bantz at Paddy Power. Ya cant beat the Irish craic can ya? Sure we’re only gas.

    1. Andrew

      Paddy Power, what a disgusting organisation. It gets a very easy ride and publicising lame stunts like this gives them a sheen of harmlessness.
      A real parasite on society.

      1. Qwerty123

        Yup, completely agree, gambling and drink companies have great PR and marketing depts. A pox on society they are.

    2. Charlie

      The ladz who make the adz think they’re a scream. “Sure they let us do what we want. We’re super clever we are”.

  2. George

    Can’t call it Trump plaza for trademark reasons. If they ever decide to name something after him after he is president they will have to license the name! I don’t think that issue will arise though.

  3. Jerry

    its an obvious p*** take of the disgusting petrol station monument to Obama the 1/32nd Irish president

    disgusting because:

    Omaba destroyed a family wedding (among thousands of others) a with drones , then the entire countries of Libya, Ukraine, Syria
    Disgusting because its in Moneygall
    and a petrol station … with a museum …

  4. Gokkers

    If The Sun were an advertising company. Humor has passed this ‘petrol station’ several times…

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