‘Gorgeous Living’ Has A Price


Belmayne Estate on the Malahide Road at Clare Hall, Dublin in 2007


BelmayneTruth writes:

..and so it begins! Costs of balcony/fire safety corrective works expected to be pinned on Belmayne property owners…

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31 thoughts on “‘Gorgeous Living’ Has A Price

  1. Boj

    This has been in the works a while…I’m getting letters for a ‘contribution’ of 5k per annum for sinking fund ALONE!! That’ll be mgmt fees of over 6500 pa….and this is the ‘future’ of living eh? Still 20 years on mortgage….I wonder do any others feel as trapped as I do in their own corporate home. Honestly feels like I exist just to keep companies in business. What a life, what a country!

    1. postmanpat

      Dude . Don’t pay another penny to the mgmt company, stop paying your mortgage too and save a few thousand and look into moving to the UK and doing the bankruptcy thing. Jesus, its not worth it, staying in that situation. I feel for all the poor feckers who wanted houses only the scumbag banks and developer cartel made it so they would only give just enough of a mortgage amount for a shoebox firetrap which . oh look!! we have right this way!. Do the sums . realistically what is the depreciation?. the ratio of owners who pay the mgmt fee versus the ones that don’t ,the place is going to fall apart eventually . Just emigrate , quitting your job might save you money in the long run. You can never sell and your stuck vs doing a bit of time abroad till the bankruptcy claim goes through. All the rich people do it. for the rest of you starting out, NEVER buy an apartment ANYWHERE. Buy a REAL house on a real street. If the banks wont lend . move home with the folks and save. a crash is right around the corner, so If you have the cash you might pick up a decent fixer upper in Dublin in a few years. the banks wont lend in those times so having the cash is key.

        1. jasper

          And there is no shortage of desperate people willing to sign up to a mortgagee for thirty years in uncertain times who do not realise interest rates can sky rocket
          They are desperately itching to get on the property ladder paying inflated property prices
          History is repeating its self yet again and I shudder to think of the aftermath of another crash

    2. jasper

      Only in Ireland those who built these future slums gets their debts purged by the taxpayer and walk away from having to repair the jerry built slums
      But hey Ireland sadly gets what it deserves as it sits there as a post colonial battered wife
      Stand up and grow a set

  2. kellMA

    Didnt Louise and Jamie Redknapp lend their faces to the advertisement of this development or?

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    only in ireland would there even be debate about who’s responsibility it is to fix this.

    1. Cian

      A developer should be personally liable for any deficiencies in their buildings where safety is concerned – especially fire safety. Responsible to pay to fix any issues AND liable to manslaughter charges if anyone dies.

      The state should also have a responsibility to sign off on key building phases ensuring that the required standards are adhered to.

      1. Qwerty123

        And to this day, it is still self certified. Councils don’t inspect new builds as they don’t have the qualified staff.

        Fool me once etc etc

  4. Gentle Ben


    While I do actually feel sorry for those affected you have to be a real special sort of gobspoo to be taken in by an ad like that

    1. Boj

      It’s not hilarious, it’s very stressful, and I for one was not ‘taken in’ by any ads, I needed a home for my new family and could not afford a house in an established estate. Is that hilarious too?

      1. Gentle Ben

        As I said I feel sorry for you.

        If you keep whingeing though I’ll change my mind

        1. Boj

          Ladies & gents, I present exhibit A for the major problem with this country.
          Gentle Ben is allllllllllllright!!

          Edit: shove your pity!

          1. Col

            It’s your fault because of the ad they chose.
            Same as the way if you bought a defective Volkswagen, it’s your fault because they had an ad I didn’t like a few years ago.

          2. Gentle Ben

            How are your poor economic/ purchasing choices my fault ?

            You whining, sense of entitlement – reeking spongers are the real problem in the country

        2. Dr.Fart MD

          gentle ben is the anthitesis of irishness. goes straight to victim blaming for every issue. Boj bought an apartment. the builders didn’t build it to safety standards. a clear cut case of whos at fault, yet gentle ben, blames Boj for buying the apartment in the first place. somehow its his fault, and not only his fault, but now ben feels vitriol toward Boj for complaining about it, because he doesn’t like complaining. your a logic-free, baskwards idiot, ben.

  5. Pip

    Jaysus it was fabbulus back in 2007, wasn’t it?
    Promised us the known world, bathing in asses’ milk.
    We all partied, in our heads anyway.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    The defects were built in at time of construction. Therefore the developers/ builders insurance companies whose policies that were in force at the time should pay up.
    If I had a car accident years ago that resulted in a claim say 5 years later, then the insurance policy I had at the time is the one that would settle (if I was ay fault).
    Same as vehicle recalls. The manufacturer fixes the problem at their expense.

      1. jasper

        Employee liability and public liability
        Every company trades with insurance
        Its just that anyone who takes a case and wins means the whole insurance industry will collapse
        And government ain’t going to let that happen

        People are being protected as the citizen is being bled to death

  7. eoin

    Spare a thought for poor Homebond, they must be bankrupt at this stage with all the compensation they’ve paid out on Priory Hall, Hyde Square, Marrsfield Avenue, Longboat Quay etc. I wonder how Homebond stays in business at all, so I do.

    1. kellMA

      underwritten by Allianz. The policyholders are the developers in many cases so you have to pursue your claim with them you then they claim back with homebond. And if the developer no longer exists? It seems you can take out personal homebond insurance. Perhaps it would be better to not allow developers do this and make them instead give a subsidy to the homeowner to buy their own homebond insurance?

      1. b

        Homebond cover was so narrowly defined with numerous exclusions that they weren’t worth the paper they were written on

  8. Iwerzon

    “….the cost of retifying same…”
    This amateur, halfarsed process will not end well

  9. George

    If you buy something for a tenner and it falls apart you get a refund but for the biggest purchase you make in life it’s tough luck if it is defective.

  10. Ian-O

    Don’t worry, our government will look out for its citizens, right?


    No? Continue voting for them so. That makes sense.

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