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The tastefully-promoted Belmayne Estate on the Malahide Road at Clare Hall, Dublin in 2007.

It never stood a ghost of a chance.

Or did IT?

I refer to Olivia Kelly’s article “Dublin ghost estate of Belmayne redeveloped for social housing”  As a resident of Belmayne I am livid at such a negative and ill-informed portrayal.

Belmayne is an attractive, well-planned development, with a lovely sense of community, an active residents’ association, an amazing youth cluband wonderful community allotments. It is well served by two national schools, children’s playgrounds, excellent public transport links and is easily accessible to the local villages of Malahide and Portmarnock. I feel truly blessed to have wonderful neighbours, good hard working professional people I know I can rely on.

In particular, I take offence to the comments attributed tothe Clúid spokeswoman Karen Kennedy. While not without its problems, like any new estate, I have never witnessed anything remotely resembling the “highrates of anti-social behaviour, rubbish piled up on the streets” or dereliction which she depicts. And I have been here longer than Clúid has.

I also take issue with your reference to Belmayne as a ghost estate. The development has always had a high level of occupancy, as evidencedby the fact that it never appeared on the Revenue Commissioner’s list of some 2,700 ghost estates.

My neighbours have strived hard to build a community with asense of identity and pride. Belmayne might have been Ireland after the property crash. Your article makes it sound like Berlin after the war. It was never thus.

Dermot Regan,
Dublin 13

Belmayne not a ghost estate (Irish Times letters)

Dublin ghost estate of Belmayne redeveloped for social housing (Olivia Kelly, Irish Times)

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THE once exclusive Belmayne has had the power cut in its common areas. Residents are furious after the lights were turned off because of a row over unpaid management fees. The ESB cut its supply to part of the Balgriffin complex in a dispute over a bill for around €2,000.


From luxury Living To A ‘Death Trap’ As Apartment Complex Lights Cut (Conor Feehan, Evening Herald)

Launched in March, 2007, at a party attended by Louise and Jamie Redknapp and Alan Hughes, the Belmayne estate in North Dublin was promoted as the last word in hi-tech, hi-sex living.

Absurd billboards appeared showing how your life would change once you dropped the necessary folding stuff.

The firm behind it has since gone bust.

It lay half-empty and even housed some of the evacuated  Priory Hall residents.

And now?

UP TO 300 houses and apartments in a north Dublin housing estate are in need of extensive repair work due to fire safety problems with the structure of the buildings.

The homes in Belmayne are near Priory Hall, the 187-apartment complex which was evacuated four months ago due to fire safety problems.

Some of the affected residents were rehoused in Belmayne by Dublin City Council.

An inspection by the Dublin Fire Brigade’s chief fire officer has revealed defects in the timber- framed construction of the houses which meant the buildings cannot meet fire safety regulations.

Fire Safety Problems Found In 300 Homes On Dublin Estate (Olivia Kelly, Irish Times)

Hundreds More To Be Forced Out Of Their Homes Over Fire Threat (Paul Melia, irish Independent)