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  1. eoin

    Why does Carlow Weather keep using these French meteorological websites. It’s almost as if the €25 million we give to our own Met Eireann each year is just being frittered away on €250,000 weather girls (and boys) and their questionable choices in clothing, and isn’t going on actually forecasting the weather judging by the lengthy list of missed extreme weather events.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Have you noticed people are now trusting Accuweather (a US site) and Wind.y (Czech) over Met Eireann? We should really be leaders in weather forecasting, given our location, and top research. I find the presenters feel more like celebrities than scientists. The TV weather bulletin is incredibly dumbed down and uses very basic technology. Almost folklore terminology like ‘spits and spots’.

      I can’t get much info on the Carlow Weather set-up. Do they aggregate or are they the Waterford Whispers of Meteorology?

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        Ah no
        Alan is a bitta’ve character alright

        But is totally serious about the weather
        And pure Carla
        Waterford Whispers of Meteorology is unfair

        He probably uses these charts because they’re free or more regular or more accurate or more accessible
        Shur’ I don’t know
        But he’s the real deal Spag
        He’s not messing about when it come to Met stuff

    2. Slightly Bemused

      @eoin: I think it is because there are more charts like this available on the French sites. While Met Eireann may have its own points, finding underlying weather analysis data from them is nigh on impossible. The French sites provide access to their base data, such as these charts, much more readily.

      Only major issue: you need to know French to a higher level than secondary school. ‘Il Pleut’ does not quite cut it :)

  2. edalicious

    The word “mild” when used in weather forecasting like this really annoys me. It’s ambiguous, at best. In this instance, does “milder” mean that it’s going to be getting warmer because it’s been a bit cold for June lately, or does it mean that it’s going to be getting cooler because it’s normally warm in June and “milder summer weather” would imply, to me, cooler than normal weather?

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