A Limerick A Day


Pope Francis will ask bishops to consider ordaining married men as priests in South America

For centuries men have been told
If they’re wearing a ring made of gold
They can’t be a priest
Or rather, at least
Until they’re sufficiently old

John Moynes


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18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. newsjustin

      It was never easy to drum up volunteers to serve in the Amazon, even nowadays with over 420,000 priests in the world. Catholics in these remote parts of the world have a right to be served by a priest and receive the sacraments of their church.
      We have a skewed perception of this in Ireland, where even now you have a priest in most towns of any size. In many cases daily Mass in like 3 or 4 churches within 30 mins of each other. And that’s just in rural areas.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        a curious reality where being duped, manipulated and defrauded is a vulnerable person’s “right”

  1. Ian-O

    There was one of the Catholic brothers in my school who was in his mid 60’s whose wife had passed early so he decided to take up vows and become a brother (he was already a teacher.)

    And he was probably one of the best teachers I ever had (geography and religion, but religion was more talks on philosophy, spirituality and how Christianity/Catholicism differs from other religions and so on and he even threw in a bit of career advice too.)

    He was a father and a grandfather and his life experience really came through.

    So yeah, why not?

    1. postmanpat

      Because there’s no such thing as god and the RCC is a pedophile ring, and anyone who truly believes in Jesus has a screw loose and shouldn’t be allowed to brainwash kids. No matter how self deprecating they are and how hilarious the stories they tell they might be. Schools about learning facts not wasting time teaching philosophy to kids who have no life real life experience outside of home and the school system to draw on. These people aren’t expanding any kids minds, it’s all just insidious Christian brainwashing, who do they think they are? A father and grandfather teaching and “just talking” to kids is fine. The less virgin teachers the better. But someone who joins the clergy after marriage and raising his kids is a narcissist with a captive audience and the act wears thin eventually. That is why a lot of secondary school kids ditch religion period class altogether and have either have a lie in instead of RE the morning of go home early in there’s a RE class in the afternoon. Anyone who joins the RCC isn’t worth listening too, let alone taking career advise from.

      1. Ian-O

        Unless you were there you are a fair bit off the mark there, Pat.

        I’m an atheist some days, agnostic on others, but I am certainly not a Christian or a Catholic.

        The man that you never met but felt able to judge above was a fantastic human being who really helped us to think about how despite our differences, we are all pretty much the same on the main issues.

        1. postmanpat

          Ian O . Your hero knowingly joined the clergy of an international pedophile ring. He was already a teacher and already had the ear of the kids, so what was the motivation? And you don’t see a problem with the church granting special dispensation to married priests to keep the church going a while longer? , It’s just long enough until the next cataclysm has the plebs flocking back when they get scared , as plebs have always done. The church are experts at this kind of thing they have 2000 years of practice. Don’t think for a second the RCC is going all progressive and Fran is some great hope for the future . Rules have been bent by this vile organization time and time again to suit their agenda. They need the numbers in south America for now. Once they don’t need them anymore the hard celibacy rule will be reenacted. Because the church doesn’t want inheritance money to go to priests family’s.

  2. Paulus

    I know of at least one Dublin widower who was ordained a catholic priest years ago; so I presume what Francis is suggesting is ordaining married men whose wives are still alive?

    1. Al Bin Man

      Yes, here they won’t ordain them 100% as priests but will let them dress up a bit and do leg work as deacons, they can still get the ride but can’t say mass

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s radical and makes sense. But I was kind of enjoying the decline in ordinations = decline of church power.

  4. :-Joe

    Same sex married men in South America… wha..?

    Some kind of two for one scheming, is it?


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