Michel Platini (left) and John Delaney at the Aviva in 2015

Platini arrested amid probe into awarding of 2022 World Cup to Qatar (RTÉ)

Previously: Delaney Backs Platini To Succeed Blatter

Pic Uefa

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12 thoughts on “Michel, My Bail

  1. Qwerty123

    I still can’t believe they are going ahead with this WC in Qatar. The human rights abuses alone in building the infrastructure should be reason enough.

    It stinks, hopefully lots of players will boycott it.

    1. eoin

      Well, the Irish players will be boycotting it anyway!

      Wasn’t FIFA offered $400m in secret bribes by Qatar? Weren’t individual voters for a venue offered $1m each to vote for Qatar.

      1. :-Joe

        Good one..

        Yesterday, all my troubles spelled QATAR today…

        Oh, How I be dreamin’ of yesterday…

        (Delaney deserves the same, along with many other f’n venal traitors in Irish association football)


  2. Chris

    The main stream media will not rest until this Quatari World Cup is completely ruined!?! It makes me sick what about all the Emirati grass roots fans, they’ll be gutted, crying into their yellow lamborghinis, drying their tears with the useless tickets they paid 12k each for…And what about all the actual grass roots, irrigated in the desert?!? They’ll just dry up, so sad, a terrible day for football.

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