The Eyes Follow You Around The Room


From top: Bill Clinton’s portrait; from left Denis O’Brien, artist Colin Davidson and Mr Clinton at its unveiling yesterday

As does the nose strangely.


Clinton Foundation HQ, Manhattan, New York.

Standing beside the painting, Bill Clinton said: “This actually captures a part of my personality I often try to keep hidden because I try always to be upbeat, I always try to be positive I always to think that the best is around the corner.”

…Irish businessman Denis O’Brien was among the guests at the function and he was thanked for supporting the role of the Clinton Foundation in a number of countries.

FBI Agents (out of picture).

Clinton moved by a ‘very Irish portrait’ Tommie Gorman, RTÉ)

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Pics: RTE

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17 thoughts on “The Eyes Follow You Around The Room

  1. The Old Boy

    It makes him look like a schoolmaster, his vocation long since extinguished, sitting at the end of the bar nursing his fourth ball of malt at lunchtime.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I was thinking something similar. It was the red nose gave me that impression, although there are other reasons for that.

      I am normally ambivalent about portraits, and to be honest about Bill himself, but I do think that captures something.

  2. Ian-O

    Irrespective of the subject, its actually a fantastic picture and really does capture something you don’t readily see with Clinton.

    (Oh and [redacted] is a [male genitalia] cranium. That must always be said.)

    1. Al Bin Man

      Good buddies aren’t they?

      It has to be said he doesn’t look like a guy who’s experiencing any turbulence

      1. :-Joe

        I think you mean, apart from that news story about him “…regularly ditching his security and flying on the lolita express…”


  3. Lilly

    I like it. Bill looks a little defeated by life and older than his years. I’d say Colin is praying he’s never asked to paint Redacted.

  4. :-Joe

    It’s clinton’s orgasm-shame face when Denis “The clinton ” HAITI MENACE” Foundation” O’Brien calls out the pre(no)-tax quarterly profits from cheating the poor and most vunerable around the world….

    Either that, or…

    It’s the moment when Hillary said “Remember when you said I will be president one day?.. Well let me run my healthcare bill through and then bomb Serbia back to the stone age but don’t worry just tell them I’ve been there and we both know it had to be done”


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