Inland Fisheries Ireland is working with the Fish Health Unit in the Marine Institute to sample live salmon in affected rivers to determine the cause of the skin disease.

Until the cause of the disease has been determined and the risk of spreading the disease established, affected salmon should not be removed from the water.

Any anglers who capture salmon with these symptoms are advised to follow normal biosecurity procedures and disinfect tackle, waders and equipment.

Returning Salmon in Irish Rivers Showing Signs of Bleeding & Skin Ulceration (Afloat)


7 thoughts on “Upstream

  1. eoin

    Heard about this yesterday, you’d think the EPA or some other agency would establish what’s causing the bleeding tumours in fish in our rivers and lakes. Might even be a food health issue given we eat fish. And yet the official response is, the temperature of our rivers and lakes is too low and the fish might recover when it warms up.

    1. bisted

      …oh dear…hadn’t heard about this and I’m going salmon fishing in Ballina at the weekend…last time there was a health scare it was blamed on fish farms which had multiplied the number of sea lice…nearly wiped out the sea trout population…

  2. Mezcal

    Undoubtedly caused by salmon farming. The research has shown this and proven it , time and time again. Fish farming, organic or otherwise is DECIMATING wild stocks. Everyone who eats farmed salmon should know that they are causing an unprecedented extinction event among wild trout and salmon stocks, globally.

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