Don’t It Always Seem To Go


This morning.

Social Democrats cllr Elisa O’Donovan tweetz:

This is so depressing to see. Cars parked in space where a few months ago beautiful, mature trees had stood. There was such an opportunity to use this green space as a positive community amenity and space shame on previous Limerick Council councillors for voting for this.

8 thoughts on “Don’t It Always Seem To Go

  1. Ian-O

    We need more trees, not less. We need trees that will still be around in a hundred years from now, oaks, ash and so on, not those manky Norwegian spruces and the like.

    The benefits of trees are many but don’t expect any sort of government, either local or national to either know, care or do anything about it.

    Whether its passive cooling of buildings, shade from UV light or just helping to absorb pollutants and keep the soil healthy and moist.

    But we are talking about local councilors so don’t expect anything by way of forward planning, except for the outliers like Cllr O’Donovan, fair play to her.

  2. Hector Ramirez

    Regeneration areas in limerick being let down too.. dozens of houses knocked and people moved. (Too concentrated a population according to the initial Fitzgerald report) Now building new units on green areas in already established estates. While land left by demolition is not used. (Regeneration terms of reference is finished and city council get back control, concentration of pop doesn’t matter anymore it seems) will this councillor look into this I wonder…

    1. gringo

      Yeah, they spread the good citizens of the regeneration areas out of the city to infest the local rural villages, where they continued their lifestyle of idleness, drug abuse and walking around in their pyjamas.

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