The Mother Of All Prides



Dublin city centre.

Further scenes from the Dublin Pride march PLUS a barefoot shimmy from Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

Bloody hippy.


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18 thoughts on “The Mother Of All Prides

  1. Ian-O

    Although I am a curmudgeon who hasn’t been to any sort of parade since I was a nipper (St. Patricks Day and it was rubbish) this definitely looked like a lot of fun for those who attended.

    Seems to have a triggered an awful lot of snowflakes who are terrified of people being themselves and having fun.

    Anyway, hope all the attendees had a great time.

    1. class wario

      i ended up in town on Saturday for a few unrelated errands but ended up really enjoying the buzz around the place. lots of colour and people having fun in (for the most part) the sun. totally harmless stuff. i feel bad for the homophobes who let something like pride boil their blood (but also, twinkle em!)

  2. SOQ

    No matter how many times I preach, they always turn up in high heels then spend most of the day in bare feet- eh Eamon?

    Serious point- later in the evening a fella slipped in a club and landed face down into a glass. I’ll not mention the name as the staff knew exactly what to do until the paramedics arrived. Accidents happen but after, that got me thinking. While walking around I couldn’t help but notice the amount of broken glass scattered on the pavements. Even in soft shoes, standing on some of those sharps could do serious harm.

    So just a suggestion to the Pride organisers- you do a super job each year for which we are all grateful but perhaps a word with DCC might be in order- more bins? People will use them and even if they don’t, there are plenty other more civic minded folk who will lend a hand.

    Great party day mind but obviously- still political.

    1. Pee Pee

      Dublin already has a massive problem with broken glass littering the place. Dunno how my bike survives it.

  3. eoin

    Fair play to the North’s policing service (in uniform, minus the firearms) for taking part, despite getting criticism over the past week from the usual extremes of Bible-bashing unionism . Three years ago while he was still in the PSNI, Drew Harris decided to allow participation by the PSNI in Belfast Pride, he got outrageous abuse, but now, no-one really bats an eye-lid that the police participate in uniform in an event which supports a section of our society which hasn’t, in the past, found the same protection as the rest. Hopefully, next year, PSNI participation in Dublin Pride won’t be remarkable. The Gardai will be parading in uniform in the Belfast Pride in August. Well done Drew Harris, I don’t think the disgraced ex-Commissioner Callinan would have done this in 1,000 years.

    1. newsjustin

      Be interesting to see if Gardai and PSNI march in other political marches in the future.

          1. SOQ

            Peter Tatchell has always been very left wing but as the community has gotten got bigger, what people want out Pride has changed.

            Take Dublin for example- the political party now front centre is FG who are also economically the most right wing. Liberalism and the left are not necessarily the same thing any more.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Hoping they’ll send a battalion to The Rally for Lies next month? They can stand up the front in their riot gear blocking out the aul wans.

      1. Ian-O

        Let him at it.

        Yesterdays clown* in a moustache. Although ironically, if he turned up in his old attire he would have have fit in nicely.

        *(A disgusting, nasty clown though. Like Pennywise, but without the charisma, intelligence, ability and fashion sense.)

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