Always The Bitter Word


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin Castle this afternoon

This evening.

Fianna Fáil front benchers – above from left Barry Cowen, Jack Chambers and Fiona O’Loughlin – respond to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar after he called their leader Micheál Martin a two-faced ‘sinning priest’.

Can this end well?

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18 thoughts on “Always The Bitter Word

    1. missred

      I’d love to congratulate him on his growth spurt since his election poster a few years ago – puberty finally kicked in

  1. V @vanessa_foran btw

    The gatch on Cowen there
    Trying to look the hard man

    I dunno
    you look at some of these eFFers
    and you can hardly blame Leo

    half the time anyway

    1. martco

      you’re dead right @V
      it’s the gaping open goal that keeps on giving/enabling this clown
      & bar a war or something really serious occurring I can’t see any end to it
      desperate times!

      1. V @vanessa_foran btw

        I doubt anything will change
        Main stream Politics will continue to be dominated by main parties
        And they just don’t appeal to anyone who could go in and rattle them up a bit

        In other words neither Fine Gael or eFFin Fail are capable of attracting Political and Ministerial Standard Talent

        That being said, I do think we can do something about it
        Like shine a light on their ridiculousness and incompetence
        Along with opening up their enablers ie. RTÉ and the main street press and show them up for the complicit patsies they are
        Whatever we’re entitled to say about professional politicians at least they put themselves in front of the citizen every now and again to adjudicate
        The latter there, the main and easy street National Media, are a law onto themselves and within themselves

        The Irish voter is not getting the honest and unadulterated facts and news they need to make an informed decision
        IMO, a millennial age Halls Pictorial Weekly blended with the old Today Tonight’s ability for unapologetic bluntness is what’s needed
        A production that is wholly independent and freelance, balanced, without bias or influence, and no matter how ramshackle it is, it needs to be taken seriously.

        The fact that RTÉ are still permitted to host and moderate debates between candidates should be a worry.
        And people wonder why school kids are taking to the streets to protest.
        Like, if RTÉ just broadcast the election debates I would say fair enough, but the fact that they insist on using their own property, and on using their own staff to moderate, one of whom has time and time again proved her inability to even handed, is an insult to democracy and to the Irish Licence payer.
        We are sitting back and allowing a blatantly biased and influenced organisation to produce our elections. Propaganda on tap.

        Christ t’night, since we’re the ones letting them away with it, we can hardly pick a fight with the politicians that we get as a result

        That’s what I think anyway

  2. eoin

    Jebus, not this again, this is what Leo does when he wants to distract from well-placed criticism. In fact, it’s what all politicians do to distract. If Micheal Martin is a serious politician, he’ll demand answers about the Dunkettle Interchange. Don’t let Leo away with it.

    1. curmudgeon

      Bullpoo, he was hounded by small minded Catholic Ireland and FF into making this stupid apology. Fricking Joe Duffy devoted his whole show today on this utter non issue – Having priests and old ladies come on air denouncing the Tasoieach because he insulted “our faith” in a “Catholic country”.

  3. italia'90

    That’s Barry of the Clowen family.
    Ya know, the sober one.
    The pose of a wannabe hardman.
    The bark of a constipated poodle.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    So Varadkar says that apologizes for insulting the people he didn’t mean to insult. Maybe he’d elaborate then and tell us exactly who did he intend to insult. Was it Michéal Martin?
    My jeebus, I thought Kenny was bad (and he was) but Varadkar takes the biscuit. His upbringing I suppose.

  5. SOQ

    It’s all just handbag theatre- they are going for an election on the bet that the wind has been taken out of SF’s sails. Business as usual- swap every x number of years etc.

  6. Ron

    If incompetence and ineptitude ever goes to €50 a barrel I bags drilling rights on Barry Cowen and Leo Varadkars heads. Cha ching! €€€

  7. Joe

    The FFer’s well I reckon they must at this stage own shares in Listerine Mouthwash and Vaseline companies as they really must consume a lot with their idolisation of Veruca and his cohorts….their Dear Leader MeHole as per normal marches to the top of the hill and then all the way back down again, one might imagine that they would get fed up being Fine Gaels owned gimps but under the stewardship of MeHole obviously not.

    The rot continues….

  8. dav

    just another example of how inexperienced leo is – thought he had meehole with a “witty” comment turned out to be crass and has allowed meehole to make hay for the rest of the week – he must have thought it was clever when he wrote it out in instagram

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