Army Ranger Wing members  in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare


Govt says €10m annual package will improve Defence Forces pay (RTE)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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  1. eoin

    €10,000,000 “in a full year”

    divided by 8,500 personnel

    is an average of €1,177 gross

    Deduct 40% tax and PRSI and you have an average of €705 a year

    Or €13.60 a week.

    It’ll buy you a coffee a day but it won’t pay typical rent or childcare costs.

    We’ll still lose 50% of our defence service in three years.

    Either we want a defence service or we don’t and if we do, we need to pay them.

    1. curmudgeon

      Hi Eoin, can you point me to a private sector job that I can retire at 50 please? Also it has to have a defined benefit pension, like they have.

      Now you are telling me that wage hike will be taxed at 40%. If so, how are they low paid If they’re already in the high income bracket?

      1. eoin

        Between tax, usc, prsi, even if you’re getting mid-20s salary, you’re looking at around 40% deductions, give or take.

        Can you show me a private sector job where you have to have excellent health and fitness levels at 50? Good enough to let you run for your life, that level of fitness.

        Look, there’s probably a debate to be had about a defence service and its role, and its ideal staffing level, but if we are going to have a defence service, they need to be paid enough to live.

        1. curmudgeon

          My father was a soldier. He never had excellent health and fitness levels (smoked and drank daily) and the one (yes 1) day a year fitness test was a runup and down howth head with sit ups and press ups. He did several tours of Lebanon and earned tax free lump sums. He worked the bar in the mess hall there. His pension is an embarrasing amount, and like all public servants it increased over time.

          But please continue to make false points while not countering any of my own.

          PS I was drinking with 3 Gards last night, a bean gard of 22 and two older lads who are in their mid thirties. All of their waistlines were in their early forties. I suppose they have fitness tests too, dont they.

        2. Cian

          Fake news

          I put 25k (mid20s) into that site. And it said after tax I get €21,852.03.
          I put 26k in and that nets me €22,567.03.
          So the extra €1000 gave me €715 or a 28.5% deduction. Not 40% as you claimed.

  2. Kolmo

    It’s almost like FG want to privatise the Defense Forces by not paying personnel a living salary, take the States actual defense forces off the balance sheet, personnel will skip over to a military contracting company if offered a living salary (see title) just to keep a roof over their family’s heads, maybe redacted has a “contracting” firm lined up to defend us all..
    Valid conspiracy theory? – let the shareholders decide…

    Divest- Make shit of -Privatise -Asset Strip – the FG way.

    1. curmudgeon

      No you’re just being stupid, but thats a nice little fantasy you’ve concocted.

      Here’s what actually happened – this very morning NTMA reps told the Public Accounts Commitee that Ireland is indeed under “a mountain of debt”. Since the govt still wants to be in power/keep their jobs they’ve taken what money they can get to buy votes, in this case more public sector votes ie The Defence Forces – the latest PS union to get a shot at the tax troph. Simplez

      We could have good public services or we can have rich public servants – the PS decided it wants its budget spent on wages and pensions and not the actual service itself and succesive govts gave it to them and took the votes. This govt is doing the same it just doesnt have as much money to bribe them with anymore.

  3. Mé Féin

    Don’t care for the headline. Mercenaries are hired to serve in a foreign army. Close to 100% of the Irish Army are Irish, which means close to 0% are mercenaries.

        1. Termagant

          No they’re behaving in a mercenary way because they’re short-changing the military in order to not spend money on them. They want to keep the money for themselves (the government) and not give it to the people who really should have the money (people in the military) (because of the work they do).

          1. Reverend Pall

            Shut the defence forced quango down
            Worthless post colonial crap
            Total waste of money

          2. Cian

            Are other soldiers paid more?
            Or should.we be special because they aren’t army but ‘defence forces’

      1. Reverend Pall

        Shut the defence forced quango down
        Worthless post colonial crap
        Total waste of money

  4. V @vanessa_foran btw

    A podium announcement with two Ministers
    for what looks like a tenner a week

    cop the jaysus on lads
    Ye’re fooling no-one here

    1. curmudgeon

      Hi Vanessa do you think a job with a retirement age of 50, with a defined benefit pension and the ability to get 15K tax free working abroad for 6 months is bad? Is there an equivalent job for a private sector PAYE worker?

      Do you think that our soldiers are paid less than say British ones (that actually have to go to war)?

      Do you think the country should continue to get itself into more debt by increasing public sector pay yet again?

      1. V @vanessa_foran btw

        There is a lot of living to be done before they get to 50 Carsmudge
        Mortgages/ Rent
        Childcare, family,
        household, even basics, like feeding themselves

        Tell ya what, the nurses or the teachers wouldn’t accept a tenner a week

        1. curmudgeon

          Ok so you havent answered or countered any of my points but I’ll shoot yours down – banks will lend to memebers of the Defence Forces faster than they will lend to most private sector workers. Which means soldiers can buy a house for a 30 or even 35 year mortgage and let their pension pay it off. How can the average PAYE worker do that? Answer – they cant and thats why they have to rent and houseshare.

          1. V @vanessa_foran btw

            What points did you really make?

            Lads there making a song and dance about giving the worst paid public sector employees a tenner week
            You’d swear they were announcing an end to the TV licence or College Fees
            Ara’ get away outta that

            Do you want to know who else gets their State Pension at 50?
            Mary Coughlan was one’ve them
            Benchmarked for life

          2. Otis Blue

            Ivan Yates is the Gold Standard for this sort of thing. He started drawing his pension at 43, a full 23 years ahead of the state pension retirement age of 66. He received more than €240,000 in pension payments before the age of 50.

            Which is nice.

  5. eoin

    Here’s the actual 94-page report by the way.

    It was produced 20 May 2019. In fairness, it would probably take Paul Kehoe six weeks to read it.

    It’s a fairly poor report with some fairly dodgy numbers, eg forecast unemployment rate in 2019, 5.4%, it’s 4.5% already. It does give a good insight into the state of our defence forces though.

    I don’t think the recommended improvements to remuneration will stop the outflow of personnel, not when there’s near full employment already in the economy.

  6. Broadbag

    How much money is wasted on helicopters and other high-end vehicles that never really get used for anything except corny photo-ops like the one above? After a few years of training exercises they need to be replaced with more expensive vehicles which never have any real world usage, all for show, all money down the drain, pare all that stuff right back and give the people the money or else scrap the whole thing completely, would anyone notice? For such a small nation the peace-keeping stuff shouldn’t be on our agenda at all, leave it to larger nations to sort out, ones with proper sized, properly funded armies.

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