Come Into The Parlour


Last night.

US Ambassador’s residence, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar  with the new U.S Ambassador to Ireland Edward F. Crawford to mark the 4th of July Independence Day Celebrations.

Mr Crawford (81) explained that US president Donald Trump had offered him an ambassador posting before he had even been elected.

Asked by Mr Trump what country he would prefer, Mr Crawford responded: “Ireland”. When it was suggested that he give Mr Trump three choices, Mr Crawford said these were “Ireland, Ireland, Ireland”.

US ambassador vows to try to enhance relationship with Ireland (Irish Times)


10 thoughts on “Come Into The Parlour

  1. Termagant

    Surely Trump should have the lion, since his logo was a lion, and Obama should have the eagle with the bombs, since he was so fond of drone strikes.

    1. Ian-O

      The only lion like thing about Trump is his mane and thats most likely a weave of some description.

      He’s a blow hard coward and if he had such a hard on for this guy then he clearly got something from him, nobody gets anything free from Trump.

      Also, 81? Does he view the gig as some sort of retirement?

      (And no, I detest Obama and Clinton as well before anyone decides to bring them up.)

    2. edalicious

      Trump, apparently, seems to be even more fond of them, if you compare their first two years in office.

      1. Ian-O

        Trump has a the hottie-totties for both of them.

        He’s like a schoolboy who keeps hitting a girl in his class because he doesn’t know how to tell her he likes her.

    3. ReproBertie

      In his first two years in office Trump increased the rate of drone strikes and revoked a rule Obama brought in on reporting deaths caused by drone strikes.

  2. James M.Chimney

    They even had a a fireworks display just before 11pm. Nice to see them using explosives for peaceful purposes every now and then.

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