‘He Says He Cannot Publish The Report’


Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey

There you go now.

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Twisting In The Wind

17 thoughts on “‘He Says He Cannot Publish The Report’

    1. dhod

      the point was time. time normally heals these things and new news blows in. I don’t think that’s the case here. The Maria Bailey thing has really got under people’s skin and rightly so.

    1. eoin

      Today, it’s day #37 since Leo announced the 14-day review. The effect of announcing a review was to quieten our brave media who should now accept they were played, and should resume their scrutiny.

      (1) Why did Maria sue Aer Lingus in 2005 and what was the result
      (2) Has Maria sued other people under her own name or variations thereof.
      (3) Has Maria threatened to sue other people unless they stumped up compo.
      (4) What exactly happened at the Dean Hotel (I’m sure someone is just dying to squeal).
      (5) What about that CCTV.
      (6) What advice did Josepha Madigan give in a professional (as principal of Madigan sols) or personal capacity.

      This isn’t difficult stuff or at least it wouldn’t be if lazy journos got off the internet and visited a few places and asked real people some real questions, or God forbid, developed something called “contacts”.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Eoin, I like your diligence, insight and quirkiness – keep doing what you’re doing.

      1. dhod

        do you think we could organise a gofundme to pay off someone to make that tape public? I really, really want to see it

  1. GiggidyGoo

    But sure he can redact the names. That way we will know that:::::;::::;:::: fell off a swing swing while holding :::::::::::::::: in ::::; right hand, and ::::::;;;;;; in :::::::::: left hand.
    We will know then if ::::::::::;; :::::::::::::: advised::::::::::: to sue and what further input :::::::::::: :::::::::::: had into bringing a case.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        School holidays unleashes children into the grown-ups world of comment sections this time every year unfortunately. Reflected in babylike comments like the Rev.
        There there there

  2. Ron

    And the dim Irish voter m will rush in their thousands to vote for him and all he represents. He knows he is untouchable so why not.

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