From top: Siteserv now Actavo offices in west Dublin; David McCourt


In The Sunday Times, Justice McCarthy reported:

David McCourt, whose company Granahan McCourt is the state’s preferred bidder for the €5bn national broadband plan, has also been contacted as a witness by Cregan [Commission [looking into the sale of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien].

Granahan McCourt was involved in a bid to buy Siteserv subsidiary companies in 2012 along with the Gores Group, a Californian private equity company.

“Several months ago, the Cregan Commission sent a list of questions, which Granahan McCourt replied to in full to assist with their investigation,” the company said. “[We were] not the bidder in the sale process — it was led by the Gores Group, which we understand also assisted with the investigation.”


Karl Brophy, a public relations consultant, has been called as a witness by the Siteserv inquiry to answer allegations made by Denis O’Brien that he leaked the businessman’s banking information to politicians and journalists.

Brophy, the chief executive of Red Flag, a PR and lobbying company, has told the Cregan Commission that he did not give anyone information about O’Brien’s dealings with IBRC and never had the information to give.

READ IN FULL: Red Flag boss Karl Brophy to face Siteserv inquiry over Denis O’Brien leak allegations (Justine McCarthy, The Sunday Times)

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3 thoughts on “Fancy That

  1. Ron

    Corrupt AF the whole lot of them.

    Thankfully for them though the Irish electorate is too caught up with Love Island and probably most bizzarely of all for them, they seem to be caught up with slinging mudshots towards the UK Government regarding Brexit. Have you all seen the faeces show you elected in your own backyard?

    Nothing to see here for the dimmer then Varadkar majority of the electorate.. now where’s my 99

  2. eoin

    Hopefully the Granahan McCourt replies “in full to assist with the Commission’s investigation” won’t upset the apple cart between David McCourt and Denis O’Brien, given that Denis O’Brien’s Siteserv/Actavo was swapped into the National Broadband Plan consortium at the last minute in a multi-year procurement, right after a secret dinner in New York between David McCourt and the decision-making minister, the disgraced Denis Naughten, at which Denis Naughten conferred the great advantage onto David McCourt, saying that a change could be made to the consortium without upsetting the tendering.

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