“Ireland Was Proving Elusive”


Border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Dara Doyle, of Bloomberg, reports:

Ireland is set to acknowledge publicly for the first time the need to set up checks at or around its border with Northern Ireland in a no-deal Brexit scenario, people familiar with the matter said.

The government will accept that checks, especially on livestock, will be required at least close to the frontier if the U.K. crashes out of the European Union when it publishes no-deal contingency plans on Tuesday, the people said, asking not to be identified because the plans haven’t yet been discussed with cabinet.

…The European Commission has pushed the Irish government to lay out its plans for the border in a no-deal Brexit, a person familiar with the matter said earlier this year. Ireland was proving elusive when the Commission has attempted to pin down the government on its plan, according to the person.

Irish to Accept Need for Border Checks in a No-Deal Brexit (Bloomberg)

Pic: Bloomberg



In respect of its article, Bloomberg has added:

The location of any checks is still to be determined, one of the people said.

“An earlier version of this story said the government would accept that checks would have to be at or close to the border.

“A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said that was “incorrect.” Updated contingency plans will be published in full later Tuesday, after the cabinet has had its discussion, the spokesman said.”

Irish Said to Accept Need for Checks in No-Deal Brexit (Bloomberg)

32 thoughts on ““Ireland Was Proving Elusive”

    1. Charger Salmons

      … at ” or AROUND ” its border with Northern Ireland.
      Varadkar’s bluff has been called.
      There’s not going to be a hard border.
      There never was.
      It was the Peacock Taoiseach allowing himself to be used by Tusk,Barnier and Druncker.
      Now Boris is steaming in to No 10 and a No Deal Brexit is looming watch the new EU leadership chuck the hot potato back to Dublin.
      You’ve been duped once again Ireland.

      1. bisted

        …right again Charger…but for the wrong reasons. Bungling Boris looks a shoo-in but big bad Bercow is waiting for him and …well you know the rest…Art.50 will be revoked and in true Boris style will be invoked again the same day…to facilitate ‘fresh negotiations’…heh,heh,heh

          1. bisted

            …Macron is Englands best hope for brexit…they will faff around for years if let but the EU want to see the back of them…

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    “The European Commission has pushed the Irish government to lay out its plans for the border in a no-deal Brexit” .. it’s not our border. it’s not ours to plan. that’s up to Britain. But if I’m wrong, and our gov. are to have a plan, the EU should know by now how inactive they are, and that plans would involve ‘work’ and FG are more about photo ops and short pre-prepared snazzy quotes and the like, not actual work. They’ve sailed along this far without doing a tap, they’re no going to start now.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Actually, it is our border in terms of anything coming in from the Northern Ireland side, unfortunately. However, I do agree with your assessment of the level of planning and effort that will go into this, alas.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        yep, when it comes down to the wire, Varadkar will have photos of him exiting buildings buttoning up his blazer, one fixing his tie, looking off to the middle-distance with a look of contemplative determination. They’ll prepare what statements to roll out at press conferences, Leo surrounded by a bevvy of TDs, a visual show of force, reassuring the public they have a detailed plan to deal with everything. And once the shots and press releases are taken care of, thats their job done, now just to sit back, let whatever happens happen and hope that it somehow works out. When it doesn’t, nothing a few attacks on Sinn Fein and the emergence of fresh distraction scandals won’t cover over.

  2. Ron

    Wait until Love Island is over and the dimmer then Varadkar electorate realise they have been conned again by Leo and his band of merry incompetents…

    Maria Bailey: He conned you all.
    No Hard Border: He conned you all.
    The list could be endless with the amount of mismanagement, incompetence, and ineptitude that has become a hall mark of this political freak show government.

    And you were all told it would happen but that’s what Varadkar counts on. He capitalises on the stupidity of the electorate who it seems have lost any ability to see when they are being played for absolute fools.

    Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the proposed extradition law is now dead. It’s inspiring to see a nation of people who take control of politics and the elected political leaders.

    When did the Irish become such a dumb downed nation. Pathetic state of affairs, but that’s what happens when you put the D class people in charge.

    Meanwhile in more important news, the British regulator for TV complaints has decided not to uphold the complaints about Maura and her behaviour. Thank God for that, now let’s get on with eating 99’s

        1. Ron

          Yes, that’s the most factual thing you have ever posted. Well done, more of this please.

          1. millie st murderlark

            I don’t deal in facts, Ronnie. I deal in fantasy, lies and self-delusion…

            And therefore…

  3. GiggidyGoo

    But, but, but, …… the backstop! But, but, but,……..the Withdrawal ‘Agreement ‘
    Or were those just ‘Proposals’? Surely not! FG would never lie to us would they?
    Has Varadkar and Coveney organised the podium yet? And an umbrella for Helen to hold over them in case they get sunburnt or wet (you know what the weather is like here)?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’s Varadkar who should be holding it for her . She has a lot more cop on and ability.

  4. dav

    I’m no fan of the current shower in charge, but I don’t recall them being responsible for brexit..

    1. Ron

      No but they did make some extraordinary claims about no hard borders and the EU having our back. Lol.

  5. Gonzolegend

    Varadkar is so incompetent, its now verging on treason. I hated Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan, but at least Enda was good at schmoozing in Brussels with the other boring bureaucrats and Michael Noonan was good at running his rural cute hoor act.

    Varadkar was given a perfect hand when he got in, and has somehow managed to tootle it up. He had the entire EU apparatus lined up behind him with the demand of “no renegotiation of the backstop” and has still somehow managed to cave in every way.

    Not to mention my utter disappointment with the EU.

  6. eoin

    We know what the FG position is. Simon Coveney let it out of the bag when he reprimanded Shane Ross six months ago:

    “But once you start talking about checks anywhere near the Border, people will start delving into that and all of a sudden we’ll be the Government that reintroduced a physical border on the island of Ireland” [Simon Coveney to Shane Ross, 15 January 2019, inadvertently picked up on reporters microphone]

    It was the same with RTE’s Audrey Carville questioning FG about the pint of milk scenario. FG are scared witless of getting specific and conceding there will be a physical border with physical checks.

    In fairness, FG is hoping there will be a deal which maintains the present border or something very similar, but it has been propagandising to the masses for the past two years that there is a “backstop” which guarantees that. Well, there isn’t a backstop if the UK crashes out and that’s increasingly looking likely with political changes and chaos in the UK.

    This is all music to the ears of Republicans though in FF, SF, Labour, Aontu, I4C and elsewhere because a new border will precipitate a border poll with the likelihood it will lead to reunification (don’t the opinion polls show 70%+ in favour of reunification on both sides of the border in a no deal scenario?).

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    Less elusive more strategic distance. There was nothing wrong with the border until Britain voted to leave the EU.

    Let them sort it. Let them compensate us for the work done thus far in terms of customs, negotiations, business preparation – and loss of income, exports and cross-border cooperative projects. The border is the least of their concerns while anointing a new PM – having a nice long recess before Boris ditches the back-stop and hurtles manically towards Oct 31st.

  8. PaddyT

    DUP will be delighted with a hard border, its really what they wanted despite the talk of open borders May could have called a vote about the backstop for NI only to ask the people agree or not and it would win in all probability, but she was never the smartest

    1. Kolmo

      The DUP would dig a mote around the 6 counties if they could operate a digger, they took dark money to proxy circumvent electoral law in England from the shadiest of backroom disaster capitalists but in the past few days their beloved and magical union with England and shiiling for the insanity of Brexit has cost them almost their entire base vote (well-off farmers and pin-stripped shopkeepers) – the border will dissolve like an asprin overnight once they see the absolute catastrophe of leaving the worlds largest trading bloc. They got a 100 years out of it, longer than most borders in Europe, time for them to face the fact that they live on the same island as the rest of us and not in 1930’s Kent.

  9. Hector Ramirez

    Incompetent to say the least… the brits wouldn’t take ‘no deal’ off the table as they believe this will strengthen their position in negotiations. Coveney and Varadkar take no border off the table when everyone knows there must be one

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