Lucy Blenherhasset tweetz:

Hey @lizzo! me and my mates tried to buy several tickets to your show in Dublin but they sold out after 1 min!? Turns out they’re being re-sold on the same site for double the price! @TicketmasterIre your system is a total scam and unfair to fans. Shame on you



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    1. Jonjo

      Actually how much were they face value? I just checked Ticketmaster and there tickets in the circle for sale on Ticketmaster’s resale system for €140. As far as I know you can’t sell for more than face value (plus booking fee)?

      Edit: Just seen some direct from TM for €140 in circle, row c.

      Edit2: they’re listed as Platinum tickets.

  1. Col

    Does anyone know are a certain number of corporate tickets set aside for gigs like this? I’d be fairly confident that there will be radio competitions etc. to win tickets.

  2. scottser

    are they still up to that oul nonsense?
    it’s not called ticketbast@rd for nothing.
    oh, and thanks blushirts.

  3. Optimus Grime

    Ticketmaster – We’ll pick the seats you get to sit in. Don’t like the ones we allocated you, then roll the dice again! Recently bought tickets for a gig that would not sell out but it took four attempts to get seats in a half decent location

  4. martco

    my advice DON’T pay that stupid money, hang back & check Ticketbstrd daily & often (I can’t see anyone paying that money realistically if there are no other tix in circulation) & if nothing changes put a shout out for tickets on Toutless & see what turns up in the week or 2 leading up to the gig, usually works for me even for top acts

    I’m convinced this is a country thing i.e. if they were playing in France or Italy you’d find normal prices – we seem to be far more willing to stump up & hence the gouging strategy

  5. postmanpat

    Artists use Ticketmaster to gouge fans and take on the bad guy image on their behalf. Don’t be fooled, Lizzo and co are the real villains. They set the price, Ticketmaster absorbs the hate , (for a fee) . Ticketmaster also know the Irish are foolish with money , we will moan and complain but pay up anyway so the sky’ is the limit on Irish concert prices. Ticketmaster know the English and French have more sense and the prices reflect that. With the looming recession , maybe spending over 100 on a concert isn’t such a good idea in the first place?

  6. Stan

    There are three separate parties here who stand to gain from re-selling.
    The Artist. Probably already taking up to 90% of the door, but also carting an expensive tour around the place. On top of the fee, quite a few artists demand a certain number of tickets as comps for family and friends, media etc. And some of those tickets *mysteriously* end up on ViaGoGo etc.
    The local promoter – The artist holds the whip hand in this case, since it’s bound to sell and the promoter, anxious to build a relationship so that when she’s at Arena level, they’ll get to promote her., may be operating at a loss. To get something back, their allocation also *might* end up on VGG etc.
    Ticketmaster. Obviously.

    1. Graeme

      Honest question, if all of those parties are engaged in the act of “fixing” the ticket price for higher margin then why not just price the gig for retail at the higher price? If as you suggest the intention is to gouge people anyway from all sides then why bother putting ticket prices at say €35 in the first place?

  7. Graeme

    This comes up every time a gig sells out instantly and people gripe about it. The venue only has 1,200 capacity, it was a very poor choice given her popularity. There’s only 6 tickets for sale on Viagogo, 4 on StubHub. Its not some grand conspiracy to defraud people or scam anyone, the gig genuinely sold out instantly. Is there people buying to resell? Absolutely there are but they only get lucky the same way everyone else does.

    1. Chris

      Yep its been the same in the UK- the venues are all too small for her popularity (and how cheap the face value is!). Im not surprised I didn’t get a ticket but I’ll catch her in three arena next year when the inevitable second leg is announced!

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