Suicide Is Painless


CBS News has learned that the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell. Guards attempted to revive him while saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

Congress is the latest to start investigating Epstein’s apparent suicide over the weekend, with new reports raising questions about the federal jail where he was being held. One of Epstein’s guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.

Government investigators raided the alleged sex trafficker’s private island (above) in the Virgin Islands yesterday.

Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell the morning he died (CBS)

Yesterday: Take Me To Church

Top pic: NYPD


In fairness.


Chris Cuomo?

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34 thoughts on “Suicide Is Painless

  1. john f

    What’s that expression.

    “dead men tell no tales”

    God only knows how many high profile figures he could have pulled down. If he started talking.
    I am not just talking about the Clintons, Trump or British royalty. The man crushed shoulders with and catered to facilitating the sordid desires of some of the world most powerful and original people over the past couple of decades.

  2. Termagant

    Textbook case of death by natural causes

    Passed away peacefully shrieking in his sleep, as he was wont to do

    1. postmanpat

      “BREATHE damn you !”. (tightening hands around neck, looks over his shoulder and winks at other guard) “Breathe…(snigger) Epstien, breathe!!”

        1. f_lawless

          I don’t know if you’d class it as “bad” as such, more lurid, but there’s Pete Shotton’s book, “John Lennon In My Life:” (Shotton was a childhood friend of Lennon and in an early lineup of the Beatles, apparently).where Shotton recounts a conversation he had with Lennon in 1963 about Epstein’s lustful advances on Lennon while the two were on holiday alone together in Barcelona that same year:

          What happened,” John explained, “is that Eppy just kept on and on at me. Until one night I finally just pulled me trousers down and said to him: ‘Oh, for Christ’s sake, Brian, just stick it up me f-ing a*** then.’
          “And he said to me, ‘Actually, John, I don’t do that kind of thing. That’s not what I like to do.’
          “‘Well,’ I said, ‘what is it you like to do, then?’
          “And he said, ‘I’d really just like to touch you, John.’
          “And so I let him toss me off.””

          1. f_lawless

            just pointing out that non-favourable words have been published about Epstein – as for their veracity, that’s a matter for Shotton and his publishers ;)

          2. Listrade

            The anecdote should be taken with a grain of salt that is always attached to Lennon’s stories. Mostly because he would change the events at will depending on who he was telling it to or when he told it.

            Phillip Norman’s “John Lennon: The Life” is a bit more comprehensive and balanced as a biography than the Shotton anecdote. At least in terms of trying to find verification of different events (or combining John’s different versions to try and find some semblance of truth).

            As it was only John and Brian, he obviously couldn’t verify. But John did change his story from time to time from nothing happened to hints at a “consensual experiment”.

            What we do know is that Brian certainly fancied John and John went a long way to flirt and encourage that. He didn’t feel remotely pressured or troubled by Brian’s attention (it was only ever attention according to all peers) and even wrote the not-too-subtle “Hide your love away” for the Help album regarding Brian and having to hide his sexuality.

            Also for context, the Shotton quote is supposed to have been given directly after the holiday during a period when pretty much everyone was talking about it and suggesting there was an affair. John was sick of talking about it or hearing about it. It can be read as Lennon admitting something, or Lennon being Lennon and winding up the other person.

            The only consensus is that all the Beatles knew Brian was gay, knew he favoured John, the others felt John played to that, but Brian was never inappropriate or even forward with any one.

            Most interesting thing to me is that we have a group, changing the world under the scrutiny of cameras, media and numerous peers. We have hundreds of biographies and contemporary accounts. And we still can’t agree on what happened in specific incidents.

            Paul’s version is different to John’s is different to George’s is different to Ringo’s which are all different to their biographers, which is again different to the autobiographies of those around them, which differ from the recollections of the Beatles’s contemporaries.

            If we can’t manage that for recent and living history, what hope do we really have for the accuracy of history in general?

            I guess the point is, you’ll always find an isolated individual, anecdote or contemporary quote that will confirm whatever theory you have about an event. Doesn’t mean you can ignore the other views, doesn’t mean you’ve found the truth.

          1. italia'90

            Ahhh Janet!!!
            We can go dancing,
            we can go walking,
            as long as we’re together
            Listen to some music,
            maybe just talking,
            get to know you better
            ‘Cos you know I’ve got
            So much that I wanna do,
            when I dream I’m alone with you
            It’s magic
            You want me to leave it there, afraid of a love affair
            But I think you know
            That I can’t let go….

            If you change your mind, I’m the first in line
            Honey I’m still free
            Take a chance on me…

            I was just picturing Millie and Bertie at the Karaoke machine,
            in someones gaff, half flutered at a Broadsheet fancy dress Christmas partay!


          2. B9Com From No

            +1 Italia
            Bjorn and Benny were absolute geniuses

            The judges will decide
            The likes of me abide
            Spectators of the show
            Always staying low
            The game is on again
            A lover or a friend
            A big thing or a small
            The winner takes it all

          3. italia'90

            We didn’t have much in the 70’s but we had great music and even better dance floor fillers than today.

            MammyItalia loves to dance and she thought us to jive as youngfellas.
            We’d jive for hours when we were at a family party.

            Considering english was there 3rd language, they were pretty phenominal.

    1. shayna

      Ah, now that would’ve been Brian (a different Epstein) he was in love with John Lennon. My first Uni – (Poly) was Liverpool in ’85 (Civil Engineering). I went on “The Magical Mystery Tour” bus, narrated by the Prez of the SU in Liverpool – I cried, many cried – John Lennon was still being mourned.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    That Cuomo/Fredo thing, Trump tweeted about it a second time!

    Donald J. Trump
    Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!

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