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It’s a frankly unbelievable 25 years since the late, great Jeff Buckley released his debut album Grace.

In fact, on the day it came out Jeff played an unforgettable show (top) in Whelan’s of Wexford Street, Dublin 2.

To mark the occasion there will be a special tribute show in the same venue featuring the same house band who recently played a blinder at the Elliott Smith tribute gig.

To be in with a chance of winning my free TWO tickets to I Heart Jeff Buckley on Friday August 23, simply tell me below what your favourite Jeff Buckley song or memory is.

The winner will be chosen by my talking rabbit.

Lines close at 5.15pm EXTENDED until 10.45pm.

Nick says: Good luck!

Jeff Buckley Tribute Night

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33 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Free Tix

  1. Niamh

    I was quite a sensitive soul at school, so one of my teachers gave me a lend of ‘Live A L’Olympia’ to tape onto cassette. At one point Jeff sings ‘manger beaucoup de fromaaaaaaaage’ into the mic between songs.

    The favourite was always ‘Dream Brother’…my mam yelled up the stairs at me to turn it down.

    God but Jeff was beautiful.

    Ps please give me the tix. I want to ask a cute boy out.

  2. B9 Com From No

    Well this is our last embraaaaa-a-a–ce
    Must I dream and always see your face
    Why can’t we overcome this wall?
    Baby, maybe its just because you didn’t know me at all

    I’d like the tickets because I’d like to give them to Niamh- she should win anyway, no-one’s gonna top that ;)

    My actual favourite track of Jeff is the Way Young Lovers Do from Live at Sin é though
    I mean who even attempts a Van Morrison cover?
    Only someone with balls, love and talent to burn, Jeff had it all, in spades, RIP

  3. Jonboy

    it’s 100% – Lover, You Should Have Come Over.

    There’s a section near the end, about 2/3 through, where it goes full motown-blues, that has some of his best lyrics:

    “It’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
    It’s never over, all my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her
    It’s never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
    It’s never over, she is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever…”

    absolute genius.

  4. Pedrito Nocciolino

    My favourite Jeff Buckley song is all flowers in time with Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. Even though it is just a demo, it is beautiful – the music, their voices, the lyrics. And there is someone out there for everyone.

  5. Brian The Lion

    A girl and I made love listening to Grace on repeat and I will never forget it. hallelujah and nakedness. Amazing. There was a moment when the the band comes in to Eternal Life at the beginning and my stomach butterflies even to this day. It was summer and it was raining and it was the day after a party. If I ever loose some parts of my memory, I will fight to keep that one.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Come back when you have made love listening to “Agadoo”.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        and when you think about it:

        to the left
        to the right
        jump up and down
        and to the knees

        is pretty much all the instruction you need

  6. V

    Actually his version of Hallelujah is an important character of sorts – albeit small, in that book I wrote back back back

  7. Daithí Ó Cinnéide

    My favorite Jeff Buckley song is What Will You Say from the Mystery White Boy album, though it could be any live recording of that song tbh. It’s about him wondering what meeting his father would be like and, much like how conversations of that sort go, the song reflects that by starting very politely and steadily building to pure emotion towards the end that there’s no question as to how he feels on the subject, lyrics aside. The song taught me how experiential music can be and that you can’t simply “skip” to the good parts because it’s as much the lead-up that makes the good bits what they are as much as the simply being good. They have to be earned for proper catharsis, otherwise it’s just a bunch of wailing

  8. Andrew

    This is Our Last Goodbye. Really reminds me of a friend I lost this year.
    Too young to die and I think about him everyday. I can’t understand it.
    Lilac Wine is beautiful too.

  9. Catherine Vaughan

    I love every note on Grace, but Lover You Should Have Come Over is heartbreaking in its beauty.
    Oh, and Niamh should win the tickets!! Any cute boy I might ask only wants to be friends…

  10. Sean G

    As much as I love his cover of Dylan’s “If You See Her, Say Hello”, I have to give it to #1 off of Grace, Mojo Pin.

    In fact I’m surprised not to have seen it mentioned in the comments so far, I thought it’d be unanimous.

    Still remember the first time listening to it for the first time so many years ago, in the dead of night, and getting those shivers. Greatest voice in modern music.

    Now every time I hear it, I’m reminded of my wife, who I’ll definitely be taking with me if I get to go to this event, and her “black ribbons of coal’.

    Shout-out to “Flowers in Time”, and another one I haven’t seen mentioned, the moody “Forget Her”.
    It’d be a difficult choice if Mojo Pin weren’t the masterpiece it is!

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