12 thoughts on “Roy And Rachel

  1. eoin

    Cripes, 38 years ago. Rutger’s “tears in the rain” ending will remain a classic in another 38 years.

    Saw Sean Young recently in the brilliant gritty western “Bone Tomahawk”, she was only turning in a cameo appearance, glad to see she’s still going.

      1. eoin

        Oh, it’s a great movie alright. Kurt has a few great movies under his belt, the two QT “Death Proof” and “Hateful 8” , and Snake Pliskin must be one of cinema’s greatest anti-heros.

  2. shayna

    I watched “The Hitcher” recently – does anyone stick out their thumb anymore? In ’84 I hitch-hiked to the South of France, many, many lifts later, I arrived in Monaco. Faire du Stop – I think it’s illegal in France now. I did meet a couple of Polish girls last year in Portugal that had thumbed all the way to The Algarve. Loved Rutger – apparently the best Dutch Actor, ever, as voted by the people of The Nederlands.

    1. B9 Com From No

      love your comments Shayna

      bad luck to the Red Hands this year, will there be a call for Mickey’s head?

      1. shayna

        Hey B9, that’s kind of you to say. I can’t account for Tyrone’s second half display. Pat Spillane reminisced about the final in ’86 where Kevin McCabe (from my club, Clonoe O’Rahillys) put the ball over the bar from a penalty. Pat came on at half-time with a heavily strapped leg – he was being marked by Kevin McCabe – he was the devastating difference. I don’t know if Mickey Harte will survive this, but 3 All-Irelands isn’t that bad during his tenure?

        1. B9Com From No

          It’s probably the best he can do with what’s available actually Shayna
          Some of the commentators said they just don’t have the great forwards of the past like Eoin Mulligan and Peter Canavan, but I’ve never enjoyed the blanket defence tactic and think it’s now obsolete in GAA
          Beats most teams though in fairness

  3. Slightly Bemused

    there was a line in a book I read once that this picture reminds me of. I am not sure the exact quote, but it was something like ‘why did we not take the chance when we were both young and beautiful?’

    This is not a commentary on the two actors, but they were both young, both beautiful.Beauty lasts, but sadly youth does not.

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