A Limerick A Day


There’s many a sore head in Tipp
As on Sunday they managed to slip
More over the bar
Than Kilkenny by far
And won in the big championship

John Moynes

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4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    And they did it very slickly too. Yes, I think KK would have won without the sending off of Hogan but there you have it. A lot of cats had the game won before it started too which is never a good thing. Well done Tipp.

    1. V

      Ah c’mon Spag

      Tipp were firing points from all over the field
      From mad angles and from over both shoulders ffs
      Even from their own 45

      A half a dozen Ritchie Hogan’s wouldn’t have been able to do a bit about them

      IMO anyway
      Kilkenny’s previous with tackling lads helmets came home to roost with the ref not having a bit of it from them

      A savage win for Tipp
      They were the form side all year
      And don’t deserve to have their Win yesterday doubted
      Not for a second

      And it was a straight red
      Just cause in the Leinster Championship he’d have got away with it doesn’t make it any the less a red card

      Hon’ Tipp

      1. Sgt. Bilko

        By 14 points pulling up, if they’d dropped the hammer they could have doubled that margin, or close enough.

        Hogan vicious, fully intentional assault was a reflection of his position in Barrett’s pocket, getting the line spared him further humiliation, which may well have been the point. Given the frostiness of his reception on the line by Cody, his manager knew full well it was a well earned red. Probably the last we’ll see of him in a KK shirt, no doubt he’ll soon join Tyrrell and his ilk in the meedja, squealing “wE dOn’T fEaR tIpP!” and conducting character assassinations.

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