Innocent Boy Wins Love Of Virgin


This morning.

At a ceremony hosted by actor Adrian Dunbar (above centre).

It was announced that Innocent Boy, a ten-minute short film by Cluster Fox Films, – co-owned by actor John Connors (second left) and psychologist Tiernan Williams (second right) – has won the Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition.

The film – developed from an original concept by William Casey – will be screened at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival next year and broadcast on Virgin Media Television as well as its on-demand service.

Innocent Boy tells the story a deaf Traveller boy, who struggles to find his place in a world that brings him little joy “apart from the times where he rides his piebald mare in silence through the fields near his family’s campsite.”

John Connors, tweetz:

First financial support as a director. Delighted for our young production company and my business partner Tiernan Williams.

Irish audience’s want diverse and authentic stories. I hope Screen Ireland realises that and they give us a fair crack at the whip. Thank you @VigneshShivN

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‘Innocent Boy’ Named Winner of Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition (IFTN)

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8 thoughts on “Innocent Boy Wins Love Of Virgin

  1. baz

    The master of unoriginal ideas demands the prize or else he shall deem things discriminatory – your move judges

    1. phil

      Ya a bit crass, disappointing … The fella seems to be doing well and making his own way in life ….

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I can’t stand him and a lot of his views are quite horrible, but he’s doing what he wants to do and it’s childish and bigoted to squalk about Connors demanding prizes. He’s won more than one award.

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