Spoke Too Soon


Cycling advocate Oisin O’Connor meets Shane Ross.

James Gallagher writes:

35 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon

  1. Qwerty123

    Recording somebody without first asking if it is ok? Well done Oisin, you made me have empathy for Shane Ross, quite a feat.

      1. Joe Small

        Nonetheless, you should at least inform someone before recording them like that. Common courtesy.
        I’m no fan of Shane Ross but found Oisin a bit smug.

      2. John

        It’s an unbrella not a microphone.

        Shane Ross was going door to door talking to people, it’s not like he was approached randomly.

        It’s pretty clear that his phone is being held out, he’s not secretly recording or trying to conceal his phone in anyway.

  2. Qwerty123

    @GG the fact he asked “are you recording this” is another giveaway he wasn’t aware, jeez….

    1. John

      I’d say that is a giveaway that he did know. He only used that as an excuse when he didn’t have an answer.

      1. Qwerty123

        I mean first it was the umbrella microphone that made recording someone ok, now if you have your phone out you can assume you have permission to record somebody without asking?

        Nah, you should ask, public person or not. Common courtesy goes a long way

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Do the Prime Time investigators ask permission when they’re doorstepping people?

          Recording someone isn’t illegal unless it’s harassment. The above isn’t harassment as far as I can see.

          1. B9 Com From No

            No but it’s pretty stupid and pointless.

            How can anyone who does this be taken seriously as an advocate?

          2. Qwerty123

            They do ask can we ask you a few questions, when they get no response they fire ahead anyway and have a cameraman and microphone dude in tow. And are actual journalists with RTE labeled mikes and equipment.

            More obvious than your umbrella ‘microphone’ and smartphone combo

            Also, never said it was illegal, just bad manners and rude.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            No, but you did allude to a need to ask permission.
            As regards bad manners or rude – that’s a small retort to what Ross and his mates in government have visited upon the people of this nation. When they refuse to be held to account, or try evade answers, then I think it’s quite fair to doorstep them in this fashion.
            Ross, it’s been said here, was out and about knocking on doors, no doubt trying to push his chances for re-election, but then just scurried off – cowardice or ignorance, it doesn’t matter – to evade a simple question.

          4. John

            @qwerty123 would you watch the video. It’s Shane Ross’s umbrella.

            Oisin is holding his hand out with front camera recording. There’s no way Shane didn’t know he was recording.

          5. Qwerty123

            @GG – whats your view on the protests outside Simon Harris house meaning his wife and newborn were effectively barricaded in? So it is anything goes now with elected reps? Screw basic common courtesy? Fair enough if that is what you believe, in my opinion, this was as stunt to promote someones online presence, nothing more.

            @John, I know – I was being facetious, I am aware there are no umbrella microphones.
            People have phones in their hands at all times, I don’t auto assume they are recording. He looked at phone then asked are you recording, my point is Oisin should have asked first…. crikey…

            You think that behavior is ok, I don’t, lets agree to disagree.

  3. B9 Com From No

    I’m not even going to watch it

    I’m all for citizen journalism but the conclusion already put me off – let me know when you grow up Oisín

  4. Operatick

    Strange responses to the vid on here focusing on one aspect whilst ignoring the completely insufficient response from Shane Ross. Irrespective of your opinion of Oisin’s approach here, Ross’ answers were a lesson in evasion.

    1. B9 Com From No

      Not even going to watch so don’t care/have no opinion on it.
      A bit of manners goes a long way.

        1. B9 Com From No

          Why the question? If you read earlier comments you’ll see I thought there was no point.
          I went on Oisín’s twitter and it’s the same tiresome, one-sided badinage.

  5. bigx

    When in opposition he asked all the questions and demanded answers from all and sundry. Now as minister he waffles and evades. A truly useless member of the Dail he should be fired immediately if there was anyone with a grain of talent and integrity to replace him. It is amazing to see his idiot supporters giving him a free pass just because he is recorded in a public place, without a recording would any rational person believe he had spouted such nonsense.

    1. B9 Com From No

      You’ve really convinced me now calling me an ‘idiot supporter’
      Can’t stand the guy but warming to him now the more your ilk keep this up

      1. bigx

        As someone who said they would not watch the video but still commented I think the description is appropriate. If you warm to a person you cant stand just because you are called an idiot It just proves that you are.

        1. B9 Com From No

          It was a figure of speech but I realise you wouldn’t be able to parse that at pre-school age.
          Fair play on the ability to type into the internet though, the kids all learn so quick these days.

    2. Cian

      It goes to show that it is easy to be in opposition and ask questions and demand answers.

      Actually doing something is a lot more difficult.

      1. B9 Com From No

        Also – why would you bother doing something anyway when this is the quality of ‘opposition’ you get?

  6. V

    What are ye like!

    With yere virtual indignation over Shane Ross getting door stepped,

    Who are ye trying to cod

    Ross is not just a member of the public anymore
    He a Government Minister
    And not just any Government Minister
    He’s a Minister that spends more time swanning around flashing his teeth and prostrating his West Brit’onian at every ribbon cutting going rather than do a full days work from his desk.

    He barges into every photo-op and never misses a sound bite
    even if its not in his specific brief, actually especially if its not his gig

    He’s every bit the Absentee Landlord type of Minister I expected him to be

    And don’t blame @Oisin
    Ye’ve all known Ross was a shurt load of _iss and wind long before getting caught rotten here

    I wish there were more videos of more Ministers getting mugged by their own hubris

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