Having Your Sandwich Board And Eating It


This morning.

Further to the costly enforcement of licencing by traders of all sandwich boards in the city….

David O’Grady tweetz:

It’s not really about sandwich boards and accessibility at all is it Dublin City Council?

The one [above] is practically a wall accross the pavement on Lower Liffey Street….


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12 thoughts on “Having Your Sandwich Board And Eating It

  1. dhaughton99

    I have bitched and moaned to anyone who would listen regarding the bottom pic. What is the point of it? Heavily trafficked path and this thing just plopped in the middle for no reason.

    1. dhaughton99

      Now that I look at the pic again and see JCDecaux on it, it must be part of the DCC advertising real estate deal for the DublinBikes.

  2. Rob_G

    Just in relation to the sandwich boards – why should private businesses get to occupy publicly-owned space for free, and in a completely unregulated manner(?)

  3. Cian

    Why didn’t they put this about a foot closer to the road?
    It would still be visible up and down the street, but there would be more room to walk past it.

    1. Ads

      Why don’t they put it where it belongs, in the recycling centre? Did you notice how shops are now buying old bikes and welding advertising on them and taking up space on Sheffield stands for their unpaid ads?

  4. Christopher

    These are incredibly ugly and obtrusive- I think they have put one up near the National Gallery too. I’d be happy if yobs would take to vandalise these than statues of Dublin personalities!

  5. Dee

    Good point. The laser-cut panel on the base leaves a gap large enough to get a white cane through, giving the impression there is no obstacle until it’s too late. Some blind people are about to break their noses. As will the 9/10 people who walk while looking down at a phone.

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