Enter At Your Own Risk



Catherine Ryan, on the Electric Picnic Banter 2020 page, writez:

*Not my photo* One of the entrances to the Arena Friday at EP. Where is the crowd control? Trying to pick out security in it is like playing Where’s Wally. Main stage Friday was dangerous, I will say they did open up the barriers Saturday to create more exits.

Then there was Body and Soul Sunday night. We were right down in front off stage and to see the crowds on the slopes it was scary. Not one security person to be seen, eventually they had to close the gates, only after it was over-crowded.

What will it be like next year when they up capacity again?


Electric Picnic Banter 2020 (Facebook)

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9 thoughts on “Enter At Your Own Risk

  1. eoin

    Scary, with echoes of the tragedy at the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown, county Tyrone six months ago when three youngsters lost their lives in the crush at a St Patrick’s Day disco.

  2. BS

    It’s been over crowded since it went to about 35,000 a few years ago. Once you got live nation involved then it was bound to be a money grab with a crap line up.

    57,000 is an insane amount of people to have it that venue.

  3. Paulus

    (Looks at crowd shape again) Hey Broadsheet, one for “Things That Sorta Look Like t’Aul Sod Vol. XII”?

  4. Ian-O

    This is Ireland, someone will be crushed, politicians will make consoling comments,media lamentations will be made and things will carry on as before.

    Repeat ad infinitum.

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