This afternoon.

Elm Green, Griffeen Glen Park, Lucan, Dublin.


A man in his 40s has been shot and seriously wounded

The shooting happened just before 2pm. As many as ten shots were fired at a man in a Toyota car. The car appears to have been rammed beforehand.

Man seriously wounded in shooting in Dublin (RTÉ)


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11 thoughts on “In Lucan

  1. eoin

    For a vehicle that’s been rammed and the target of 10 shots, that Toyota looks in not bad condition at all.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Or as a fella in work said to one of the lads bragging about his 4 bed in Lucan….
      “if it wasn’t for Ray Burke yer gaff would be in Neilstown…”

        1. andy moore

          That’s me Bro your talking about ?? Nielstown was original designation OK , then the land was zoned agricultural to wipe out smaller developers & Castlethorn cleaned up & got it zoned back residential again & are now active in the latter Lawlors back garden literally .

    2. Termagant

      I went to Lucan once to buy a camera off a lad on Adverts
      I didn’t get out of Lucan without someone trying to rob it off me

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