LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer


Behold: LEGO’s biggest (but not most complex) set to date – a 4,784 piece model of the Imperial Star Destroyer. 110cm long by 94cm wide with swiveling guns, tilting radar dish, and a scale model of the Rebels’ Tantive IV.

Available next month for €700.


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10 thoughts on “LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

  1. Gabby

    Stop playing with toys. Join the Irish defence forces if you want to learn something real about military strategy. Tar isteach sa bhFhórsa agus ar agaidh leat.

    1. Clampers Outside

      It’s reusable, again and again and again and again and again and harmless until you stand one while shoeless

    2. martco

      Lego’s use of fossil fuel-based raw materials has been a dirty little secret for many years now

      interesting to see that the right-on parents keep on truckin’ buying all those nice expensive sets for their lil’ Ossain’s & Fiachradh’s up in Smyths there (for themselves really tho innit…oh oh lets keep the box so we can auction it off on ebay as a vintage). how quick a child’s demands melts the snowflakey ideals, wha? presumably the new 70 grand EV on the driveway will offset that ;)

      (I believe in all fairness Lego are making a token effort to manufacture with sustainable materials like sugarcane but you won’t be seeing that in their regular offerings for a long time. and when the switchover eventually arrives good luck trading in your bad plastic for your good plastic….you should see the hoops they make you jump thru if you discover your shiny new set is short a part?! pah!)


  2. Kim Cardassian

    While it’s admirable how Lego have continued to grow as a company over the decades, it’s sad that their growth has been at the cost of creativity. Lego sets like this are not complex, it’s simple building a monotone structure by following the instructions. There is little room for creative deviation for kids.

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