Meanwhile, Opposite The Bernard Shaw



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Yesterday: Heartbreak House

Pic: Lois Kapila/Dublin Inquirer

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Opposite The Bernard Shaw

    1. Rob_G

      Surely you know that a business not getting its lease renewed is exactly the same as families being turfed out of their homes??

  1. digs

    The landlord =owner= growing and protecting the investment.

    The GBS = heartache for Una Mullally + all the above.

    1. Mr.Fart

      100% of people who say “simples” or “simps” say it at the end of a completely uninformed and ignorant statement that fupp all people agree with.

      1. Spud

        I never heard ‘Simps’ being used, and expected a Simpsons reference and thought the user was too quick hitting the post button…

          1. Paulus

            Oh there are FAR too many out there:
            They have been placed front and centre by those who rock up to tell us.
            And a big shout-out to you all.

            Seriously; are people afraid of NOT using such buzz words/phrases and abbreviations in case they’re thought to be not on trend – (jeez I’m doing it myself)

          2. V


            Jaysus no Paulie
            I’d be afraid of using them

            Years ago, when herself was still wearing what I bought her, I banned the Hannah Montana stuff like awesome, garbage and butt
            Savage, rubbish and ar5e/ a55 btw
            And even her then school principal agreed with me

  2. Emily

    I would love to know who funds the Dublin Inquirer, there’s a larger story there. And don’t say they fund themselves through subscriptions, that barely covers any costs.

  3. Cormac Kinsella

    Like it or not folks, legally or a legally, we let way too many people in. We will have more of this, and before we know it Strumpet City won’t look do antiquated if it’s ever shown again. Like it or not, the tenements are back. And we all stood by and watched it happen.

    1. Rob_G

      “…we let way too many people in”.

      Silly argument; they just need to build some taller apartment blocks, and a metroline.

    2. curmudgeon

      Ireland has an incredibly low poplation density. Poor govt planning (local and national )and a reliance on Dublin for jobs, education, health and everything in between is causing this.

  4. eoin

    Again, 32 Molesworth Street is the registered office for 100s of companies, and the directors of this company look like nominees. Surely PPP/Solidarity have the resources to look at company structures and identify the beneficial owners, it’s not that fuppin’ hard.

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