On The School Run


This morning.

Constitution Hill, Dublin 7.

Niall Thomas tweetz:

Keep the recovery going, eh Leo and Co. Constitution Hill this morning dropping the kids to school…heartbreaking #dublin #Ireland #homesnothotels

Last week, the Department of Housing released their latest homeless figures which showed there were 10,275 people (6,497 adults and 3,778 children) living in emergency accommodation during the final week of July.

The figure – which doesn’t include people sleeping on streets – represented the six month in a row in which there were more than 10,000 people homeless and living in emergency accommodation.

Previously: 10,275

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2 thoughts on “On The School Run

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    Yup. Homes needed and fast but we also need to seperate the idea of public housing being procured from private developers in owner occupier housing estates. This continued practice is not only leaving vulnerable people at the behest of the whims of the private property market but its also seriously denting the wealth of a hard taxed and heavily burdened “squeezed middle class” private buyer. The Government needs to get back to building good old fashioned public housing schemes. It also needs to properly manage tenancies so that these homes are used as a stepping stone to self embetterment, not a give up lifestyle choice where the occupants decide to abandon responsibility and laze about in a stagnated state of self development paralysis.

    Recently a new development was built not a million miles from where I myself live. Between various different state bodies such as local housing agencies, HSE, housing charities etc, roughly 30% of the entire estate will end up allocated to the public housing sector. This is a ridiculous state of affairs. On one side you have a government essentially creating a situation where they’re pushing the prices of private housing up (by outbidding the tax payer) while simultaneously destroying the wealth of the nextdoor neighbour who has to beg borrow and rob to get a deposit together for the benefit of ending up with a twelve hundred quid a month bill for 35 years. All the while paying for their next door neighbours house too! No carrot and stick in that I’m afraid.

    Any way let my slaughter begin :-(

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