Talk To The Hand


Pete Drake’s 1964 country blues hit ‘Forever’ – featuring the sonic stylings of the ‘talk box’ applied to a steel guitar long before Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh made their regular guitars ‘talk’ in the 1970s.

But long before any of that, there was the Sonovox.


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3 thoughts on “Talk To The Hand

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I am not trying to be smart, but I am always fascinated about progress, and inventions. Something that was cutting edge stuff once is being taught to primary school children today. Things that took expert machinists and engineers to fabricate can now be produced in a garden shed by a hobbyist. And often, these days, accompanied by a very helpful YouTube instructional video.

      And the adaptations are amazing. For example, the Sonovox led to the invention of a handheld vibration unit that allows people who for various reasons lost their vocal chords to speak.

      About the only thing I can think of that cannot be readily made in a home environment is a microprocesser, but certainly the fundamentals of transistors can, with care and attention. After that, with a 3-D printer and other tools often available from certain German retail outlets (along side your regular shopping), just about anything that we as a species have done is possible.

  1. Pip

    Pretty sure that Robbo – the Wah Wah king – also used a voice pipe at Dalymount, August 1977.
    Think it was on Killer Without A Cause?

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