Balseskin Direct Provision Centre on St Margaret’s Road in Dublin 11

Movement Of Asylum Seekers in Ireland tweetz:

There is a mom with newborn in desperate need of a buggie, a baby cot and clothes for an 8 week old baby boy in Balseskin Direct Provision Centre. Please send us a message if you can help and we’ll connect you with the mom.


Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland

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7 thoughts on “Can You Help?

    1. eoin

      Tsk, tsk Joe, I wonder, are these posts genuine calls for help, or more campaigning against direct provision. Sadly, I strongly suspect the latter.

  1. Bebe

    Perhaps she can not locate her family Cormac.

    The lady is obviously a new mum without resources; I didn’t know community welfare officer helps in such situations – but it’s good to see that direction from Joe above.

    I am sure the SVP would also help.

    We are, after all, one human family. Wishing her well.

  2. V

    Going to the Local health centre / community welfare officer is great advice for any new mum who is without

    I gave all our buggies, cots, steriliser, even a breast pump and nursing bras
    Also gave in boxes of nappies and training pull ups (unused)
    and her trikes and walkers

    I kept some occasion wear, a pair of shoes and her Christing gear alright

    Another great advantage of getting to know your community nurses and social workers is that they can introduce the new mums to each other, and also their children get to have young friends of the same age that they can all develop and grow up together; up to an including starting school

    Great suggestion Joe

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