Dub It In, Why Don’t You?


Ah here.

Via Nutmeg tees:

In true Nutmeg fashion we’ve gone above and beyond to create the new shirt.
Well we got up as far as an attic in Mastergeehy Co. Kerry and found the long forgotten shirts of 1982.  We felt they needed to be aired and given a new lease of life. We only made one small amendment to them. UP THE DUBS.


Joe Collins writes:

Nutmeg has been designing tees for nearly 20 years now and always with a twist.

The Lost Tee (Nutmeg)


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2 thoughts on “Dub It In, Why Don’t You?

  1. bisted

    …I would like to win this competition because I once walked on Inch Beach and drank pints in Paudies pub in Ventry…

    1. shayna

      Is this a competition? I had a drink with Seamus Darby, Kerry types wouldn’t be fans. I also was in Pat Spillane’s bar – he did go on about Tyrone GAA – Jeez? I was in Paddy Cullen’s bar in D4 – funny, himself and myself talked about GAA – the sneaky goal by Mikey Sheehy. Do I win the t-shirt?

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