‘The Apartment Is Shared With Seven Friendly People’


Sinéad writes:

Same ads everyday by the dozen…. oh, to be a Dublin landlord.

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14 thoughts on “‘The Apartment Is Shared With Seven Friendly People’

      1. shayna

        I have never had reason to wail anything at FG – I’ve just come back from Portugal and stayed in a room in a hostel, not dissimilar to the above – admittedly, I didn’t pay anywhere near the rent demanded in Dublin. I didn’t need a crying chair – 35C, the Atlantic was measured at 25C, what’s to cry, or wail about? I got a flight back to Portugal, RyanAir – £12.99 – I’ll wail at the sun when I’m floating on my back in The Algarve.

  1. papa p

    Why is the tenant advertising a room they’re about to leave?
    Do they only get their deposit back if they find a replacement South American?

  2. Nullzero

    A year ago I lived beside a two bedroom apartment that featured three bunk beds in each room. Twelve Brazilians crammed into a tiny apartment. The landlord collected his rent in cash from what I observed, then drove off in his 181 E class Mercedes. What a country, although it makes you think what these people are leaving behind them to come here.

  3. Termagant

    1800 a room. 3150 a month for a two-bed apartment. Nearly 40 grand a year, and that’s not even including bills.

    This elementary arithmetic is brought to you by: a sort of wistful, impotently furious sadness

  4. Stalin

    sure the poor landlord, having to put all those people in that flat, sure i’m sure he barely covers the cost of the mortgage, despite putting no effort, don’t know why he does it myself, kindness of his heart I suppose, and theres all these commie tenants advocates, trying to introduce renter rights, standards, and rent control, aren’t they only making it harder for the property owner, who’ll end up selling the property, which means overall housing prices will go down, so rent will be more affordable, and there’ll be no point in landlords renting out single rooms to dozens of working class immigrants, and then where will be?

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