Meanwhile, In New York


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaks to journalists ahead of the UN Summit on Climate Change in New York


Varadkar to tell UN that carbon tax revenue will be ring-fenced for climate action (RTE)

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Pic: Cormac Quinn

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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In New York

    1. shitferbrains

      Self appointed Cassandra. Now telling us that the milk quota system was relaxed during a Varadkar government.

  1. Donal

    WTF is this phase out cop out about?

    Currently exploring, money sunk, rigs paid for etc, we aren’t gonna stop you.

    Thinking about doing so? Tthen stop right now cos we’ve found enough already.

    Why isn’t he able to make that basic decision that will have positive effects for all of us and all our children.

    Why are we not building any offshore wind farms?

  2. V

    Be gas now if the Irish Delegation kick off Green Green Grass of Home on the subway when they’re making their way back to Fitz’

  3. eoin

    “the government is planning to phase out oil and gas exploration.” Yeah right, Leo. You granted two exploration licences after the May elections [in the aftermath of which you claimed “you got it” about the Green wave]. You granted licences to a Chinese company and a Chinese-backed company. The first one has given the government a €1 billion indemnity (supposedly, they only had to show an indication they had access to those funds) for any environmental disaster, like destroying marine life off the south coast, destroying the coast with oil slicks, destroying tourism and creating an ecological disaster.

    Those are Leo’s actual credentials.

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