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  1. GobDaw

    The solution to rush hour commuting is to avoid commuting at rush hour. Our rail service is in safe hands.

    1. eoin

      Someone from Transport for Ireland or whatever they’re called, claims there is a 3-year lead time between ordering a new train and having it delivered. Seriously, 36 months. They’re basic fuppin’ trains, not aircraft carriers.

      1. Milk teeth

        Living in GB at the moment. Same issues here on rolling stock supply. Maybe they’re right. I guess only so many people make trains.

      2. Cian

        Yes eoin, they are trains, not cars or bars of chocolate. Trains. They are not “off-the-shelf” items.

        They need to be custom made.

        Different countries have different gauges, platform height, carriage length, power supplies, power-line height.

  2. Cian

    Sorry to be the voice of reason again.

    You can’t just put longer trains on…. the platforms must match the train length – and they have already been lengthened to 8 (or 10 carriages).

    You can’t just put more trains on… there are:
    (a) minimum safe distances between trains. you can’t just run more frequently.
    (b) mainline trains run on the same tracks – to allow these there are larger gaps left between certain DARTs to allow the mainlines run without stopping at each station.
    (c) level crossings. you need to be cognisant of level crossings and not have a constant stream of trains.

    IMO Dublin needs either
    – an underground (dedicated line ony for trains); or
    – an elevated train system – put the train tracks up in the air (like the DART is from Clontarf to Grand Canal Dock and the Luas is from Charlemont to Dundrum.

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Stop ruining the fun Cian, you absolute craic vacuum. Jeeeeeeeeez.

      In seriousness, isn’t one of the functions of the census to estimate or predict what our country will look like in four years time, as well as taking a snapshot of the country as it is on census day. So with that in mind, why have our government/TFI not adequately prepared not only for a population increase but also for the fact that the majority of jobs are in Dublin. I don’t think they can turn around and say they didn’t see this coming in, say, 2015-16, which begs the question; why didn’t they adequately prepare for this?

      1. Cian

        I don’t know.
        I suspect that the problem is that the sort of solution to these issues is a mega-project. Huge money and a long lead-time (10+years). Our governments only think in out about 5 years.
        I think the agencies have plans (e.g. Metro North ) but the political will isn’t there.

        Saying that, we did get the hugely successful Luas. The M50 was built. And there is a reasonable motorway network. The public transport today is way better than 20 years ago, and lots better than 10 years ago.

        1. Pip

          Well said Cian. I’m constantly amazed at the hysteria about traffic and travel.
          It was pretty horrendous in the 80s and well into the 90s.
          Older guys like me are, or should be, amazed and delighted at how many things (not all things, mind) have changed for the better.

          1. Cian

            Oh yeah, and on-street parking back then was crazy too – there was never any available and nobody paid parking fines.

            And do you remember waiting for a taxi on Friday night? Queuing for hours on college green.

    2. Boj

      I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that Ogdenville and North Haverbrook are really prospering from their decision to move to a monorail system. It might just work for us too…
      Good call Cian.

  3. Mick

    The very simple answer is two story trains…. and before anyone freaks out and says ‘but, but the bridges and tunnels’….. build higher bridges and deeper tunnels

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