The One Where Everyone Dies From Climate Change



What Greta Thunberg told the UN: full speech (The Irish Times)

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18 thoughts on “The One Where Everyone Dies From Climate Change

  1. Curious Gerogina

    That face when someone more famous than you walks into the room and ignores you.

    The kid is right about one thing though – she should be in school.

    1. scundered

      She is fairly annoying in the dramatic speeches, but hopefully it will resonate strongly enough with plenty of people to reconsider their lifestyles, I wonder how many of the climate change warriors are prepared not to have children and cut down the amount of consumers on the planet which is the biggest problem, remove the demand for stuff. As that is what it will take, and a worldwide effort. I can’t see it happening.

      1. Curious Gerogina

        Let’s hope it does – it’s like voluntary eugenics: all the stupid people who think the climate emergency is a real thing will die out and our actual human gene pool with be strengthened and improved as we breed out the gullible fools.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          So I’m assuming the typo in your name is deliberate ‘Gerogina’, as opposed to you not knowing how to spell your own name.

          1. Steph Pinker

            Hi Milly; as someone who speaks Greek, Georgina actually is a name, it’s the feminine form of Georgios – which is phoenetically pronounced Yourgós. Similarly, the Greek name Giannis/ Ioannis is phonetically pronounced Yiannis [soft G], and the femine form is Ioannia.

            Most Greek names are derived from gods/ goddesses, mythological heroes or religious saints. Although, obviously there are exceptions: I used to frequent a restaurant where the owner was the youngest of a family of 14 children, by the time he was born his parents had run out of names they liked – and probably knackered tired at that stage – so they called him Κυριακos, which means Sunday.

        2. scundered

          So you’ll be left with no scientists, just a load of humans who can’t understand why it’s getting so hot.

      2. shortforBob

        “reconsider their lifestyles”

        Systemic change is needed, individual change is a nice gesture but irrelevant.

  2. Nullzero

    BUT BUT BUT. Its hip to demand carbon taxes and blame the average person for everything. The club of Rome has nothing to do with this at all. Pass all the responsibility for climate change onto the punters and let the elites do whatever they like, that’s the only fair way of dealing with things.

    1. Nigel

      You’re being sarcastic! Brilliant! Massive taxes for the wealthy and for corporations! Strict environmental and workplace regulations! Criminal as well as civil liabilities for those found guilty of ecological damage! Massive investment in monitoring and enforcement of those regulations! LET’S DO THIS!

      1. Nullzero

        Nah. Just tax the plebs. Corporations don’t deserve to shoulder their portion of the blame.
        Club of Rome have decided it, best to just accept it and continue the status quo.

  3. SimpleQR

    So actual reporting of “news” is forbidden on this site – only agenda setting is allowed.

    Tsk Tsk.

  4. Cathal

    Yesterday introduced her to mainstream public scrutiny , silly wee girl giving out about everything, typical teenager

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