Rental adverts in Dublin

This morning.

Ben Haugh reports in the Times Ireland edition...

The RTB will today announce two new rent pressure zones in Carlow and Macroom in Cork. Rents in Carlow increased by 12.6 per cent over the past year to €879, while they rose by 19.1 per cent in Macroom to €915.

The average rent in the capital was €1,713 at the end of June, compared with €1,599 in the same period last year.

The cost of renting in Cork city increased by 4.2 per cent to €1,177; in Galway city by 5.7 per cent to €1,117; in Limerick city by 10.2 per cent to €973; and in Waterford city by 13.9 per cent to €843.

Pressure zones fail to put cap on soaring rents (Ben Haugh, Times Ireland edition)


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10 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. Bodger

      Sarah and Donal, very, very sorry. There is a bug with Chrome when using WordPress at the moment. Firefox is fine until they sort it out.

      1. Cian

        Not working on IE either. Getting blank screen + comment fields… then (3…5 seconds later) content arrives.

  1. eoin

    Homepage not accessible on some devices at all.

    [Oh and the galoot from Ranelagh should be booted out for presiding over runaway rents inflation]

  2. Bort

    Friend of mine trying to rent a 2 bed house in Dublin, asking was 2,200 pm, real estate agent got back to her and said another couple is willing to pay 2,500 pm could they go higher. Is that even legal?

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