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Susie QI Like The Way

Good times never seemed so good.

That’s the vibe off the life- and love-affirming new video from Susan Quirke (top) aka Susie Q who shares home video footage of her and her husband Ruairi having the time of their lives in various scenic locations around the country,  including the Wild Atlantic Way.

The musicians featured here will be familiar to many local music fans, with Colm Quearney on guitar, Graham Hopkins on drums and Rob Malone on bass.

Susie’s new album Into The Sea follows next year.

Nick says: Form an orderly Q.

Susie Q

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6 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. scundered

    Some great bass licks in that… well played! I do love a good indie track, reminds a bit of Dandy Warhols but I think that’s just the chord structure.

    just cut down on the smiles, I’m far too grumpy in the mornings to be looking at happy people

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