Part Of Our Custom



Border shenanigans of yore, dates unspecified.

Compiled by Alan Kinsella , who tweetz:

“Customs Posts?”

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‘We Expect The British Government To Honour That Commitment’

Border, Border

8 thoughts on “Part Of Our Custom

  1. jockey

    I feel a bit safer in Varadkar’s hands I must say. I feel like Brian C or even Enda K would have succombed to British pressure at this stage.

  2. eoin

    “BA had to fire rubber bullets to keep a crowd of 200 at bay”? In 2019, that will be a crowd of 20,000. Like to see how far they’ll get with rubber bullets then.

  3. Niallo

    I hear your ivory tower is lovely this time of year.
    Call me mr cynical pants but, good luck with that.

    1. some old queen

      Its a look out post not an ivory tower- with two local boyos starting up angle grinders underneath?

  4. Joe Small

    Interesting to read the piece on the Strabane-Lifford post. My grandfather was a customs officer for the Free State based in Lifford in the 1940s but living in Strabane! things were more relaxed then.

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