Natural Installation


Beats modern art.



IMMA (Royal Hospital Kilmainham)

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9 thoughts on “Natural Installation

  1. dav

    Bodger, if u can get the transcript of this morning’s Morning Ireland interview with the President or VP of the Tree Council of Ireland -it is gold. She took no crap from Gavin Jennings and was as entertain as hell about it.
    Q. Would you bring out children today to look at trees (Today is natiol tree day ore something)
    A. Only if weather is permitting, I’m not an ejit!

  2. Gabby

    When Art imitates nature and Nature imitates Art, which is Art and which is Nature?
    Write a 1,000 word essay and submit by 10th October.

  3. White Dove

    Just gorgeous. Was at lunch with someone yesterday who remembers the Royal Hospital was scheduled for demolition at one point – thank god this didn’t happen. Btw there is a very discreet graveyard within the grounds for British soldiers killed in 1916 in disarray for years, which has been nicely cleaned up following the Queen’s visit. Time to move forward!

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