A tender to provide a Direct Provision centre at the Connemara Gateway Hotel in Oughterard, County Galway, has been withdrawn

Oughterard, a definition

Pronounced ewk-ter-árd.
See also: Little Rock, Smethwick,
Enoch, Port Elizabeth…
A good place to illegally ditch
old fridges, huge yellow couches,
detached wardrobe doors,
mattresses with the springs
poking out of them.
Locals will know why you’ve done it
and a few will privately accept your verdict.

The perfect location to toss
brimming colostomy bags
out the windows of speeding vehicles
in the hope some member of
the County Council will think
it’s free curry sauce and drown
their chips in the contents.

And the old lady in the charity shop
will snap your hand off
to take all the World War Two
Germany army helmets you have
because there’s some who blew through here recently
who like to put them on
while making right-handed
love to themselves
in front of the unforgiving mirror
with the overhead lights blazing
like their own private
torch-lit procession.

Kevin Higgins

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7 thoughts on “A Place To Dump

  1. V

    I liked that, fair play Kevin

    I don’t know what’s come over me lately
    I’m all loved up for some reason

  2. Quiet Kevin

    Ranting is not poetry.

    This man hates Irish people.

    He should go seek Asylum somewhere else. I’m sure he’d be much happier.

  3. bisted

    …just heard Oliver Callan on radio doing his sketch on Oughterard…also calling this out for what it really is…

  4. Shane Duffy

    Looking forward to Kevin’s poem that tells us all about him opening his home up and taking in some refugees.
    Lead by example, show us the way.

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