Anonymous writes:

Just got renewal notice from Aviva. We would be considered ‘loyal’ customers.

Not any more. Liberty Insurance here we come.


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16 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. eoin

    Sorry, what are we looking at? The error on the renewal date, surely October 2019? Or the cost, which I know some drivers would bite your hands off to get? Or the admin charge? Or APR 20.8%?

    It’s the APR, isn’t it?

    BTW, according to the Shinners

    “Insurance companies are using data analytics and complex algorithms to target customers who are viewed as being less ‘price-sensitive’ or more likely to renew, and then hiking their premiums on renewal. This practice is known to harm vulnerable customers, particularly those who are older or from lower-income households.”

    So, try getting an online quote and see how it compares.

  2. howbert

    Jesus, it’s half my price and I’m claim free for my entire 13 year history. Guessing this is a rural driver, even more rural than my Bog of Allen Kildare/Offaly ass

  3. Jaypers

    I got a renewal notice from Aviva earlier this year and my premium was more or less double what it was the year before. I have 6 years no claims with them and no penalty points. I shopped around and couldn’t find anything comparable to what I paid last year.

    So, I rang them to see if one of their agents could help in lowering my premium. There wasn’t much they could do, however they did tell me to try getting a quote on their website as if I was a new customer.

    I gave it a try and the quote I received was around €60 dearer than my premium the previous year (more or less half the quote i received as an existing customer). Didn’t really want to renew with them after all that, but did as it was looking like the lowest premium I could get.

    Great little industry.

  4. Clampers Outside

    Is the ‘cartel’ investigation still running…. or was I dreaming there was one…

  5. Termagant

    My da went in to Aviva in Bray to renew the house insurance and apropos of nothing it came down €120. he was crowing about it all week.

  6. italia'90

    Cheating insurance companies cheat us all, right?

    Car insurance is professional racketeering imo.

    Legal highway robbery…

  7. curmudgeon

    A gift to our insurance cartels that is both mandatory & compulsory yet you won’t ever see a FF/FG politician mentioning it in the budget. Curiously car insurance wasn’t listed in Michael Taft’s recent missive despite it being a very agreeable way the govt. could help “Putting Money Into People’s Pockets” –

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