Reel Around The Fountain


This afternoon.

Thornton Manor, Wirral, Cheshire, England.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a three-hour meeting – at online sleuth Coleen Rooney’s 21st birthday party venue – where the pair emerged with the following statement:


Varadkar and Johnson say they can ‘see a pathway to a possible deal (RTÉ)

Inside Boris Johnson’s Brexit mansion where Coleen Rooney celebrated her 21st birthday party (Liverpool Echo)

Pics: Noel Mullen via Rollingnews


“I think all sides would like there to be an agreement next week at the council if possible, and obviously there’s a further deadline after that, the 31st of October, so I would say a short pathway rather than a long one.

“What this is about is securing an agreement that works for the people of Ireland and also the people of Britain and Europe. If it works for the people of Ireland, what it means is, avoiding a hard border between north and south.

“That’s always been our primary objective, ensuring that the all-island economy can continue to develop, and that north-south cooperation, envisaged by the Good Friday Agreement, can resume. Those are our objectives, this has always been about achieving those objectives, and I think today they can be achieved.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar this evening at Liverpool Airport heading back to Dublin.

16 thoughts on “Reel Around The Fountain

  1. Shane Duffy

    Leo not showing Boris his socks or telling him about the letter he wrote to Kylie Minogue? This is the kind of man Boris knows he’s dealing with and he’ll wipe he floor with him.

  2. Dr.Fart

    so this is what a “press free” meeting looks like? i don’t think varadkars ever blew his nose without a photo shoot. egotistical fupper.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “Hey Bo – are there any movie stars living close by. I’m in dire need of some pics for my collection “

  4. eoin

    They “can see a pathway to a possible deal”.

    Very good, I can see a pathway to a possible night of passion with Katy Perry [“possible” being that subset of every single state that isn’t “impossible”]

    Meanwhile, Leo has at 4.10pm delayed a press conference at the airport in Liverpool for an hour. Is his speechwriter indisposed? Or could it be that he didn’t understand what Bojo was saying, because at the very least, for a deal to be possible, Bojo has to relent on some major red lines.

  5. some old queen

    Max anti Leo vitriol on this thread.

    The only way there is going to be a deal is if Johnson shafts The Ulster Taliban- which is probable as he has nothing to lose and it will win the general election.

    1. some old queen

      Longer term is the break up of the UK as the Scots will get on their high horse but as long as the city of London is free from interfering EU anti money laundering legislation- which kicks in on 01.01.2020- all is good.

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